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Hst works on program track but not main

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I have a dcc sound fitted HST which I think is the r3770 one.

It used to work fine but now only works on the programming track (both sound and motion) but is completely dead on the main track. All other locos working fine. I am using z21 + booster - only drawing c1.5 amps. I tried adjusting voltage on both main and programm to 16 (was 18 and 16 respectively) but no difference.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks in anticipation.

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Is the decoder still set to the same number? I have had a couple of decoders that have set themselves to address 3.

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Posted (edited)
4 hours ago, PeterLoader said:

1.5 amps for everything; the decoder correctly responds to CV1=93 on the program track but totally dead on the main track

Are you using 2 or 4 bit addressing?

As above a reset is a good idea



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