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A new book by Michael Welch


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A heads-up for a new photographic album.


'Southern Coaches in Colour' by Michael Welch (of Capitol Transport fame).


This time published by Kevin Robertson / Noodle Books, ISBN 978-1-906419-45-5.

It should be with us by the end of the month.



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Its out now! I picked up a copy from Bob at Alton Model Centre on Tuesday. If you are even only slightly interested in Southern coaches you should get one! The quality ( as you might expect when its compiled by Michael Welch) is excellent.





Thanks for the tip-off and review Godfrey. I shall be paying my local book shop a visit, veeery soon.


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Finally got mine today,...It really was well worth the wait.

80 pages, each dedicated to one (type of) coach in B.R. livery, ranging from those of the pre-grouping era, through to the last Bulleids, including Pull-Push sets, some catering, postal and departmental stock. What did it for the somewhat biased me, were the picture of a Bulleid original 'Tavern Car', in Green with 'pub' sign, and two of Bulleid Open Seconds in B.R. Eastern and Scotish Regions', pristine, lined Maroon.

The photographs, taken by different exponents of the art, take up the top half of each page, the majority shot in bright sunshine.

The lower half is given over to exstensive, informative, text, covering all the data a modeller / historian could need.

I'd rate this book alongside, comparable, and a companion to Mike King's excellent 'Illustrated History of Southern Coaches' and 'Illuustrated History of Southern Pull-Push Stock'.

Not only that, a darn good bargain to boot.


Regards. .

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My copy arrived this morning. Lots of mostly good quality, well produced photos and very informative text.


A reasonable number of photos on the pre-grouping coaches, a fare few of Bulleid origin, lots of pull-push sets and some interesting shots on IoW stock and various knocked about conversions. I was slightly surprised by the relatively few number of shots covering Maunsell stock though. Perhaps they don't exist in colour or are of poor quality. I do seem drawn to the very interesting departmental conversions that are shown.... slippery slope.


Judging by the list of folk that helped Michael compile the book I would expect the information in the captions to be as bang on as humanly possible. One thing that did catch my eye though was that the early crimson is very occasionally referenced as crimson lake. I thought that was the old LMS coach livery? (see caption to S3821 on the LB&SCR section for example). Apparently though (discussion on SRLHCS) it was the original description given by the then new BR when the liveries first came out!


It's a good reference book and a nice change to see coaches in the spotlight. Recommended.


(Edited to correct comment on Crimson Lake)

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