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Design a banner


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If you have been perusing some of the other groups you might have noticed that they have a banner at the top of the page and the South Devon group does not. Now why is this? Have I been too lazy to create one? Have I not considered it? Do I not feel inspired at the moment? Well the answer of yes might apply to one or more of these questions, so.....


It's over to you.


Design us a Banner


It should say (or scream) South Devon just from the picture, but there is no reason why words can't be added.



The height should be 150pixels and the width 900 pixels.


Images used should be your own or copyright free.


When do we need this by?

Well the sooner the better, but lets say the 4th of June. Then the best one will be added to this site.


Post your works of art below.

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Given where the image of the bridge appears to be taken from it looks like we also have the cornish side in the image, never mind, it gives the right impression. Once (if) the groups become groups* again rather than part of the forum this banner will be used unless someone comes up with a better one.


*But as it's working at the moment as it is there seems to be no rush on this to my eyes.

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Thanks everyone for the comments. They have all been taken on board. I have been playing around with the banner using some other pictures I have and have attached a copy for you to look at.


All the best





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