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Bishopscombe 2 - a new start


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Hi Les


I think your layout looks great, particularly the way it fits into its environment. The backscenes are particularly effective. Can you post a track plan and tell us how big it is? How long has it taken to get to this stage?



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Thanks for the comments evryone.

Jules I'm glad you like the black and white, I think the layout takes a better picture in monchrome.


Nigel, I will try and scan a track plan. Overall Bishopscombe is roughly 20' x 3' plus a fiddle yard of just under 8', around three sides of the room. It has taken nearly two years to geet to this stage.



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Thanks for the comments everyone - I promise I will draw a plan soon!


In the meantime here is 5358 with a down passenger to Bishopscombe. Some shots are taken from higher than normal to try and give a general idea of the layout.



5358 runs down the embankment from the canal.



.......towards the cutting through Bishopscombe Common



...and out of the cutting..



...to it's destination.


I must fix that backscene!

And those big buildings will probably be replaced by some more terraced shops.


Regards, Les

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Love the 1st pic of 5358 in the countryside, there's a real feel of depth. Also like the weathering on the loco - good stuff all round

Agreed, that shot also shows how well the modelled foreground and printed background match. A lovely scene.

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Good Morning – just!

I remember saying that I would draw a plan of Bishopscombe – so here is a very rough sketch to give the overall layout. It shows the proposed Quarry extension from Bishopscombe Junction.




This represents a stone quarry that only has a trailing connection towards Bishopscombe – thereby requiring all full and empty trains to reverse at Bishopscombe. The motive power for this extra traffic is catered for by Bishopscombe Jnc. Shed - I have worked out that the stone train diagram will require three locos.


I'm just off to the Canterbury Exhibition, but just time to squeeze in a couple of photographs.


6671 arriving with van train




Some time later the shunting is done



Regards, Les

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Thanks to Don and Sidecar for thier comments. I have taken some more shots of the Brewery - another layout cliche!. It was to have served just as a scenic break but seems to have taken on a life of ots own! I think the trusty Metclafe kit can be made to look ok with a little weathering and gutters/downpipes etc.


A busy scene as some more hops arrive, and the Old Man's beer waiting to be put in the bot of his car.



The 'back' of the Brewery. The fiddle yard is in the distance. This will eventually be hidden from this angle by the quarry extention backscene. This was taken with the camera hard against the wall - so I couldn't see through the viewfinder!



A colour shot along the lane



Finally anothe loco shot outside the shed. I am currently working on some more interior detail for the shed, and should have some pictures later this week.



Regards, Les

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  • RMweb Premium

Les, your modelling is excellent and I particularly like the way you've used the backscenes to draw the viewers' eye. The whole thing has a nice, sunny feel to it.


Keep posting your pictures!



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