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Foldaway layout in N


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Inspired by http://www.rmweb.co....out-in-n-gauge/


I want to make this layout approx 30cm wide by 2.2m long, which will mean it folds up small enough to fit in the cupboard under the stairs :)


The intention is for a small station that works with a preserved shed area, allowing for steam specials and my mixed-area cross-era stock... The longest trains being a loco+tender and 2 carriages or a few trucks to then be shunted to the goods shed and industry siding. The track plan will change slightly as it is laid to make it more smooth and not perfectly straight


Opinions and input welcome :)



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Hi kiwinewt,

Looks good to my (very inexpert) eye. Are you planning to have the road bridge removable? If not you may find any derailments on the join between the boards hard to get at.

Also, it may just be the drawing, but the crossover at the top of the board (directly above the 'with' of the 'TT in use with old' comment) looks odd. It's almost as though the tracks don't line up properly. I'm sure you've thought that through though.

Good luck


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I know that the brindge is to cover the joint, but if you had a skew bridge, you could have the fiddleyard entrance under it. Saw it in a plan in RM once - occasionally a train would go under a bridge and disappear :) - not sure that would add anything, mind.


how do you intend uncoupling the locos when running round a train, and which side will you operate from?


as a thought, how about swapping things round a bit, with the loco shed on the other side. the bridge in the middle could be a tunnel - this is how it is in the NYMR at Grosmont, I think.




how would this layout fit your needs? Not suggesting it is better, just a different idea/take on things






edit : ps you could move the backscene on the fiddleyard board, so that only the loco shed track was in front of it, and therefore giving you the whole of the back of the left hand board for the fiddle yard. Has been done this way on a lot of layouts

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Either of the layout plans would work, the choice is down to you

and your operating preferences. I am more interested in how the

board is going to fold/join in the middle.

This is going to be the make or break as to whether the layout is

a success or not, ie if it difficult or fiddly you will be less inclined

to get it out and use it.

If you can make it easy, and reliable, it will be less of a chore to

use. Therefore taking you time on design and excecution of the

join will be time well spent.

Good luck, Jeff

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Thanks guys. The bridge is removable - it sits on top of the boards/hinges where the layout folds:




I haven't yet got the timber to begin building the baseboard, so I'll go back to the drawing board a bit. I am adamant about only having one line across the join - I've had more than enough trouble with joins before and my carpentry skills... leave a lot to be desired.


Will keep playing :) Thanks again

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when it comes to carpentry, I feel your pain! I have made my current baseboards from cardboard :D

a thought occurs - 1.1m is the length of my O gauge layout, so you could possibly build your layout in just half the size- therefore no need for joins, and set up time is quicker. you could even run it in the airing cupboard, if that is the way round you are storing it. I have certainly heard of layout in under stair cupboards and the like...

I know this would mean a serious crimp in your layout, but it might pay dividends in that you would use it more often if you didn't have to set it up, and didn't have any issues with bad joins - that would be my problems, knowing my skills :D



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Thanks for the encouragement Andy. Under the stairs is SWMBO's fabric/craft storage area, so unable to set it up permanantly anywhere. The fold means I can store it almost anywhere whilst keeping it safe from the 5yo and 2yo! It also means I can set it up on the table and it will overhang without killing itself!


If I actually get this layout close to finishing (so many failed attempts at layouts...) I'm looking at incorporating these legs too: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/54444-self-locking-baseboard-legs/

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Hi there! GWR_Fanatic here, owner of the N-Gauge layout Fiddlers End.


Such a pleasent surprise to find that Fiddlers End has inspired a fellow railway modeller to create their own folding layout. For me personally that's what makes this hobby so worthwhile, sharing ideas with others.


I will be following your layout's progress with great interest, to see what you achieve. Keep up the good work.

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