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Departmental class 50s on service trains

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A couple of recent workings posted on a Facebook group drummed up some interest from the early nineties. I have been unable to date the St Germans picture, and some weren't aware that 50037 had worked a service train in its very short spell in Engineers blue in 1990 (2 months in 1990 I understand).


Here is 50037 assisting a failed class 121 at St Germans in 1990 with the Par - Plymouth stopper which had problems en-route. The down train can be seen in the mirror above the bridge, (which was the Signalman's Up train tailmap viewer when a down train was blocking the view).


I was early turn that day and rushed to get the photo! If anyone had the exact date of this working I would be grateful.




The 2nd picture has been identified as 1990 and is 50019 working a rake of NSE stock past Roskear box. I will add the date later today when I have my notes.




Does anyone else have these locos working service trains (not specials) in their infrastructure liveries. 50008 & 015 were painted blue & Dutch respectively, but did they only work railtours painted up?

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