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If you're new to the forum this is an ideal place to introduce yourself.

Another lurker turned member

Blacque Jacque

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Hi folks,


I'll try to avoid making this sound like an introduction at an AA meeting :)


I've been lurking for quite some time, but only signed up yesterday as a full member.


My name is Russ & I live & grew up near Ely, Cambs. Inevtiably I'm influenced by the local rail scene both current & historical.


I've been modelling on & off since I was a kid (like many of you I'm sure), Airfix, Hornby, RC, planes trains & automobiles etc etc. As a former instrument maker I've been able to make good use of my engineering skills to make my own machined parts too. I love to kitbash & occasionally scratchbuild.


I don't have a layout of my own, all my work is intended for my Dad's layout ( because he has much more space :blum: ), although I do fancy a small exhibition type layout, 8 x 2 or some such.


My main areas of interest are 4mm BR diesel traction ( from the days of green & black to the glorious technicolour we have now), plus infrastructure (yellow things, track plant etc). I've done several RTR conversions & built a couple of brass kits. Control-wise, we're heavily into DCC with a Lenz 100 based system supplemented by a pc & Traincontroller plus several other pieces of hardware & software.


I have several things W.I.P but I'll detail those in a separate post.


Well, that's me.


I hope I can give a little back to repay some of what I've taken from this forum already.


Cheers, Russ.

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Rum clientèle eh ? I'm rather partial to a nice drop of rum.


Thanks all for the welcome, I look forward to bumping into you again on my travels here.


(btw, I heartily approve of your taste in music Physicsman ;) )

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Hi there Russ and welcome aboard - sorry my welcome is belated as I'm still recovering from Member's day which was a fabulous event, which comes into the classification of not to be missed. See you there sometime?

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