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Vasili Arkhipov


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It would seem that the world owes a huge debt to this man http://en.wikipedia....asili_Arkhipov.


Setting aside the 'tele drama' of the programme on last night http://www.channel5.com/shows/revealed/episodes/the-man-who-saved-the-world it looks like the world was on the edge of oblivion.


Thanks goodness for the cool headedness of a serving military officer as opposed to politicians.

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That man is one of my heroes. I can't imagine having the courage to do what he did in the situation he was in. (I'd hope to be able to, but I really don't believe I could.)


I remember the Cuban crisis - I was in high school at the time. I lived across the Clyde from the American submarine depot ship in the Holy Loch. We knew things were serious when it sailed out of the Clyde. It had been anchored there for years without moving - presumably they didn't want it to remain a sitting target. Over the years since, talking to people who were living in other parts of the UK at the time, I've got the impression that our area was unusual in appreciating just how serious things got (see Gordon S's post above). After listening to a news bulletin on a transistor radio, several of us didn't go back to class after an afternoon break one day (believe it or not, a pretty serious act in that time and place!) - we just didn't see the point. The teacher, who was one of the strictest we had, came to find us and was (to our amazement) completely sympathetic, but pointed out we might as well be sitting down as standing around if anything happened.

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