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Interesting TV Programme!


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Just caught the end of the above programme on BBC2. It's about half a dozen teams of UK guys taking motorbikes to the Bonneville salt flats to take part in Speed Week. This was part 1, with part 2 to follow on Thursday. From what I saw it looks really good. I shall watch the first part of part 1 (if that makes sense!) on the iPlayer tomorrow.


As I said, it looks interesting which most telly has failed to do lately.



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I spotted this accidently while channel surfing. At first it just seemed like a good programme on an interesting topic, but within 5 minutes I'd spotted 3 people I know and by the end a 4th had appeared. I knew the blue bike was being built, but never realised it was forming part of a TV programme!


Looking forward to see how they get on on Sunday.

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