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Blast from the past 1988 Bescot Open Day


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Hi All

Back in October 1988 I paid a visit to the open day at Bescot. It was a wet day, but as we travelled by train it was not too much of an issue. The only problem I had that day was that I had not installed the roll of film correctly when I had to change it quite early during the open day, unfortunately I did not realise this until I returned to Euston:-(  
So here is my meagre offering of the stock I photographed, fortunately today with digital cameras with SD/CF cards it is much easier & quicker to see that one has cocked up:-)
Enjoy :no:








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I was there too......I couldn't have taken any photo's though unfortunately. I remember walking down, in the rain from my Nan's who lived just up the road from Bescot. Oh, to turn back the clock!!

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