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Taffy Tanks- AAARGH!

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I've seen on other posts, the term 'Taffy Tank'.


I've seen the term applied to 56 & 66xx class tanks;- why? They are 56xx class tanks, simple.


Taffy tanks are just that; Taffy tanks. There are two still in existence, nos 28 (GWR 450) & 85 (GWR 426). TVR classes 01 & 02 resectively.


I suspect some sloppy 2nd rate, unresearched copy writing is to blame. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!


If you are the poor unfortunate to whom this missive is directed, fear not! A good pair of glasses, and a copy of the bible, according to RCTS (part 10) will soon have you on your way.


IIRC, the 56xx was based upon the Rhymney Railway class M. The Rhymney is the next valley over, boyo......


Rant subsided.....



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It depends what you mean by 'Taffy'.  If you mean ex-Taff Vale Railway I agree wholeheartedly that a 56xx should not be addressed in this way.  However, 'Taffy' is often used as an affectionate nickname for an inhabitant of Wales - or as an insult: remember that Private Walker in Dad's Army used to address the dour Scot Fraser as 'Taffy'.



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