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Bachmann MPV

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Possibly a bit late to join in with this but here goes.


For "Oooooooooooooooooooooo" factor Bachmann's MPV is a winner. The fine detail is stunning and for what appears to be quite a delicate model it feels reasonably robust. However I'm not the happy chappie I should be. As noted in a previous post. the modules don't fit particularly well and not just because the lugs and holes don't interface particularly well. The powered end of my model has a slight but definite bend in the chassis, the sole bar has a slight but perceptible frown. So that when I attempt to fit the central module it sits up at one end (at least I have a choice of which end tips up). More annoying still. Is that on the non motored end the bogey end away from the cab has about 50% more clearance between the top of the bogie and the sole bar than at the cab end. So giving the cab end a kind of nose down appearance. I'm afraid it's back to the shop with this one, but has anyone out there had similar problems????????

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