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Ratio 504 Castle Cary station dimensions

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I'm building the platform for my station, 4mm, and I've decided to use the Ratio 504 Station, modeled on Castle Cary in Sumerzet.


The dimensions given of 210mm x135 mm are very misleading.

I've googled and I haven't found a plan of the main building to get some measurements from.

I think those dimension include the canopy at the side.


If anyone has one they could measure please, I'd like the measurement from the edge of the platform, rail side, to the rear wall of the building,

Also the length of the building , without the canopy,

and the length and width of the canopy please.

I would have liked to have scratch built the booking hall etc, but my building skills aren't there yet.

 I've now got a good scribe and a set of X-acto handles and blades, which make the thing I got from Hobbycraft look like a toy.

Those blades are sharp, so far jus accidental fingernails :)_




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I've no access to to mags that far back.

The Ratio 504 Station kit sells well and gets used as a basis for other stations, Just need someone to grab a ruler and take a couple of measurements off their

station on their layout, it would be nice to know how much space to allow on the platform for it.



Of all the pictures on line of both the kit and the real station at Castle Cary, their is not one from above it :(




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I've just measured my unmade 00 scale kit of Castle Cary.Measurements taken from various unassembled component parts.


Station building length 215mm. Station building depth 82mm (including roadside entrance lobby) 59mm without. I think the 135mm quoted dimension must be the 82mm plus the canopy width, which approximates to 50mm.


There are various pairs of roof sections and valances in the kit measuring 138mm, suggesting the canopy length is at least 276mm, with the ends to be added, The canopy ends measure 50mm.


I suppose there could a slight "swelling" of the measurements due adding corner quoin stones and so on during construction.

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