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Manchester Victoria. OO


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Hello all.


I had a plan to build Bolton Trinity Street once I moved house and had a play room/shed.

Jenny has already done that, so I thought.... why not Manchester Victoria (the only other train stations I know well are Westhoughton and Oldham Wernerth)


I have lots of pictures etc... 


Where would I find dimensions for such a feat?


1st time venturing into an actual copy of a structure, so any advice would be wonderful.




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The Wikipedia entry for Manchester Victoria mentions that " the facade is 160 yards (146 metres) and that the cast iron train sheds are 700 yards (640 metres)



Thus the facade would be 1920mm in 00, and the train sheds themselves would be 8400 mm. (However that might mean a total length including some "Exchange" (?).
To assess the total building area required to contain a model, you might start by obtaining an Ordnance Survey 1:2500 sheet to find the overall dimensions including the platform ends and junctions beyond the train sheds.  Reference Libraries often have them for their area. Or buy from OS agent.
From a street map, it looks as though the east-west distance from Red Bank to Blackfriars St is about 950 metres, and the north-south Bridge St to Millgate is about 300m. So a building about 12.5 metres long by 4 metres wide could contain this area in 00, but of course in addition, quite a large space would be needed for fiddle yards
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Thanks 90171, I had seen the bit about the 160 yard facade, must have missed the rest.

Good idea about the OS map.


My building is 5 x 2.1m....  so may have to apply some artistic licence, though I wasnt planning on having exchange included.  Which reduces it to 260m or so.

I may have plan a trip up there and walk the platforms  ha ha.


I was thinking a 2 level layout to accommodate the fiddly bits.


I might write to network rail, I am sure they will have some dimensions.

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LMS, those plans  seem to have come from this interesting website, (perhaps - sometimes the internet confuses me)





i have somewhere a track plan similar to this from collyhurst street through to windsor bridge that i was given whilst working at milesplatting box the newer photos appear to have been taken by the signalman who trained me on rochdale box 

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