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R Parker 00 cars pricelist

Broadway Clive

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Can anyone post R Parker's latest catalogue please, or just let me know the standard car price as I want to order an 00 scale Consul Mk2 (hope he still makes them!

Usually he has an advert in Railway Modeller, but this month (on P52A?) its all N scale only. Can anyone help with an older edition please? All the 00 cars were the same price including postage, with just different prices for vans and horse and carts.




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Rod Parker is definitely still doing OO cars, I had a new price list sent to me last week, and I have recently ordered the Austin 1100 from him great little model.

He mentioned that he has concentrated on the N gauge models for a while but is planning some new models and re releases in OO for the end of the year.

Clive my scanner is broken otherwise Id scan you a copy so Ill list whats available below.


All cars are £9.75 each inc postage, bigger vans are £11.50


Ford Anglia 105e

Rover 3 litre P5

Jensen Interceptor

Ford Anglia van

Rover P5b Coupe

Vauxhall Cresta PA

Hillman Imp

Austin 1100

Reliant regal 3/25

Ford Consul Mk2

Triumph motorcycle and sidecar  £5.50

Bedford CA series 1 Ice cream Van

Sunbeam Stiletto

Riley pathfinder

Austin A60 cambridge

Morris J4 Pick up

Ford thames 400e minibus

Lotus Cortina Mk1

Vauxhall E series Cresta

Triumph Herald

Vauxhall f series Victor

Ford Zephyr/Zodiac Mk1

Ford cortina Mk1

Triumph Herald courier van

Ford consul Mk1

Morris oxford Series 2 Estate

Standard vanguard Phase 2

Ford Anglia 105e Estate

Ford consul classic

Wolseley 16/60

Standard vanguard van

Standard vanguard pick up

Vincent black shadow motorbike

Lambretta Scooter


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Thanks Regan, thats brilliant news, so good to hear that Rod Parker hasnt given up on 00. I have his catalogue from a couple of years ago when the standard price was £9.25, so he's just increased for the postage I guess. You've made an old man happy! Another small trader has not been lost to us and there are even some new models to look forward to. Your 1100 looks a treat.

I've almost got together a model collection representing 5% (1 in 20!) of London Transport's road vehicles in 1959, when information on staff cars recently came to light and the Ford Consul mk2 figured heavily - and I thought damn it I've missed it!

Thanks again for taking the trouble to type out the whole list - lets hope it brings Rod more sales, his address is  19, Oaklands, Malvern Wells, Worcestershire, WR14 4JE 

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No problem Clive, I have to admit I though he had stopped doing the 4mm stuff to, but Im very happy they are still available, I will be ordering a Rover P5b and a Austin Cambridge next week.



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