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GNSR/LNER Goods Van in 4mm - etch

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I'm getting a sheet of a GNSR Goods Van brass etch done for me by George Mitcheson in 3.5mm just now but he is also doing a 4mm version on an order from some P4 modellers of the LNER up here in NE Scotland. 


However the etcher  has increased the price beyond what George thinks is reasonable for the 4mm version and he really needs demand to take up a second sheet in that scale to make it cover its costs (he isn't making a profit doing this, by the way).   Here is a photo of the 3.5mm one to the stage he has currently reached with it




Is there any demand here (or indeed anywhere else among the RMweb community) for an etched kit of this guards van?  If so can you tell me and I will pass your interest on to George.


These vans lasted into LNER times and, indeed into BR times,  In fact there are photos of them in BR times as departmental vehicles but, so far as the GNSRA knows, no photos of them in GNSR times/livery exist (unless anyone out there knows different).


Please feel free to post this request on to anywhere else you think suitable.

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George has now had a reply from the etcher about the GNSR/LNER goods brake and says:-


"I have done some arithmetic and they are, in 4mm, working out . . . . £15 per van.


What they get for that is the body etch and a chassis which includes 'w' irons which can be left rigid or compensated. 


There is also a sheet of instructions.


The buyer needs to supply axle springs, buffers, roof, handrail wire, wheels couplings "


The wagon is the GNSR Diagram 20S 18' body, 12' wheelbase, wooden underframe goods brake, built 1895-1919 with ducket each side at one end and dog-box door at the other end.  GNSR numbes 1-64.  LNER numbers in the 804201 series.  From GNSR drawing CT63.  Photo of 804235 in LNER livery on page 169 of Tatlow's  LNER Wagons Vol 3.  There are no known photos of any of these brakes in GNSR livery though we would all very much like to hear of one.


If you are interested in these please contact me.  Have a look at my posting on the Small Suppliers section for updates

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These brass etch kits, body and chassis but no wheels or axleboxes,, are available now from George Mitcheson - georgemitcheson@aol.com - for £14.00 each plus £1.00 postage in 4mm scale.  Construction instructions are included.

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