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Hi.  We took our first round trip on the Welsh Highland railway today.  What a perfect day for it too. Warm sunshine all day, that is a rare sight in these parts.


We had seats in the Pullman car, that made it a nice birthday treat for me.


The total trip was five and half hours of bliss.




My other half enjoying the view



Round a very sharpe curve.



Lunch break at Porthmadog before rejoining the train for the return.



Passing a light engine with lady driver.





Working hard on the incline.



A fond farewell to a beautiful loco.


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The WHR should be in every enthusiast's bucket list (a list of things to have done before you kick the bucket). While I know we have at least one member who regrets the loss of serenity and history of the old WHR, and he does have a point, what we have now is simply splendid. Not cheap, but the quality is substantial, and the track is as good as any NG railway I've ridden in the UK. And, yes, the Pullman observation does add a certain something, albeit to the bill, too.


Do it if you can.

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went on this railway on wednesday just got me thinking about my garden railway again looking for ewho or anyone who makes the stock thinking 7mm scale but not sure what track gauge would was hoping 16mm(OO) BUT THINK WOULD BE SMALLER MAYBE 12MM but on with my research also cant wait to go back beautiful locos and im a headstrong blue diesel man

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Well 14mm is accurate though most use 16.5mm. Backwoods do the NGG16 and K1 in 7mm scale though not sure of the kit availability. The NGG16 was produced RTR in limited numbers but very rare.

Scroll right down this page to the garratts




Try Worsley works for scratch aid kits for coaches



Edm models did a batch of the ex SAR wagons and can probably help in many other ideas as Paul is on here as Ricketrescue.


Oh and slimrails do a white metal body kit for Russell.


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