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Just Had A Thought!


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Did anyone see the item on BBC local news last night about Peco at Beer.

I found the shots of the production lines particular!y interesting.

It set me thinking (I know I must stop thinking):

Is it possible to have a look around the factory area.

Has anyone done so?

Has anyone asked Peco if it is possible?

Could it be a possible SWAG meet up opportunity?

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If you wanted to be adventurous you'd combine it with a trip on the Seaton tramway as well.


Beware that Peco (shop and exhibition) only open till lunchtime on a Saturday though, being holiday changeover day presumably.


*slinks back to the other corner of the country*


(I grew up between Chard and Axminster so I am SWAG by heritage...)

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I do like the idea, perhaps we could arrange something sometime?


What's the Peco site opening times like in Winter?






Not open Sundays 8th September - 1st November except 26th October and then through the winter the BHLR isn't open, pretty much exhibition and shop is about it from memory.


One good thing about the shop is that it stocks almost all of the Peco range including the obscure little Individualay items that are usually very difficult to find anywhere else.

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