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Just before the birth of my daughter back in January I completed the conversion of my garage into a railway room.

Since then I haven't had time to do much more than set up Kites Croft against one wall.


Having recently received a rather handy windfall from the bank (thanks for miss selling me that PPI) I now have the funds to get cracking on some baseboards.  Kites Croft was never planned to be the main layout, so it will remain the main work in progress as an exhibition end to end stored above the main layouts fiddleyard.


The main layout plan is a continuous run around the garage, with a central 9ft interchangeable scenic section which will allow the use of both 1947, 1987 and 1997 stock.


The far end of the garage (from the door) will have a large curve on an embankment on an 8ft by 4ft baseboard (open frame construction).  This will include a workbench in the centre of the curve (so that I can be working on projects whilst watching the trains go round.)  Somehow I need to also work out a way of spraying in there without risking the layout.....)

The left hand wall will contain a simple fiddleyard.  Due to the space restrictions it will likely only have 2 tracks in each direction (hopefully once I start on a final plan I will be able to see if I can get an extra track or two in there...

The other end of the garage will contain the other curve which will be non scenic with a lifting section at the entrance, my thinking here is on the scenic side to extend the board full width to increase the scenic area.  (as per the first diagram)



Finally there is the layout its self, I don't want to have two work in progress at the same time so the plan is to fix a few track issues and use Blackcombe.  The thinking here is to add a couple of changes to the track plan to link up the works to the main line (the point would have to be tighter than my preferred minimum radius at about 850mm)  I think these changes should be fairly easy to make and would have a big improvement on running. 


In time there would be new buildings (along with potentially relaying the flat bottom mainline with bullhead), the removal of all the post 2000 signalling bits and some changes to buildings.  I will have a think and see if I can would out a way of shifting the location to the mendips so I can concentrate on one area (but that might be for the replacement scenic section in 3 or 4 years time.


The first option adds a point to the left hand enterence to the yard, and probably has a slightly gentler curve



The altanative removes the middle track/loop and adds a new loop inside the yard. it should look a bit better with less track on the board.



Photos of the layout as is are available on the old RMWeb http://www.rmweb.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=102&p=442487 although a lot of the construction images are missing, there are a few taken at Scaleforum in 2008 of the completed layout.

Would welcome any feedback.

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