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Epping & Ongar underground gala


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Had another good day at the Epping and Ongar railway yesterday. It was very unusual and so I was told could never happen again as the diesel locos involved are to be converted to battery power only. There was Met 1 doing some freight runs as well as passenger turns, all in all a very interesting day.
















I also, by chance, bumped into  Xerces Fobe2 who had made the trip over from the thames valley, good to meet him and have a chat.



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Certainly a rather different event and well suited to the setting of North Weald and Ongar.  I went on the Friday (26th), the visitors on that day including a delegation of the "top brass" from London Underground.  The Met tank working the freight was a fine sight, but the same loco hauling a train of Mk1's looked rather incongruous.





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Shame to read that 3 EOR coaches were vandalized along with a brick bridge last weekend

Then to learn that the cravans train tore up a conductor rail in central London on it way back to the depot on 1/10


I did read on the net the vandals were after the cravans set - that what happens now when things are all over the web it attracts the wrong attention


But hopefully the 3 coaches will be repainted by EOR in a colour more suitable for them rather than the maroon and blood and custard that they are in now, we might yet see the EOR Mk2's in blue gray

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