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The late Geoff Brewin's (Comet Models) coaching stock

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It is with great sadness that I have to announce the sale of Geoff's personal layout stock. He had a wonderful collection of beautifully built Comet Coaches, all OO gauge but easily converted to EM/P4. 

If you have any interest in this collection of GWR/WR & Midland/ MR stock, please contact 96701 of 'the Parish'.

The proceeds from the sale of Geoff's personal layout collection (not the Comet Models business) will be passed on to Geoff's family at their request. The aim is to maximise the funds raised and therefore the prices of items will reflect this aim.

I would like to thank Andy York for allowing us to post this on RMWeb.

Thank you,

Phil Ramsay

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Thank you for all your thoughtful and supportive comments.

It will be a celebration of Geoff's and Alan's (ex Comet Models) skills to have coaches from Geoff's collection running on layouts around the country.

Geoff would have been the first to remind me that the majority of the coaches in this collection were not actually built by him; so thanks Alan and long may you continue to build coaches of such beauty.


I do hope that no one will be disappointed should they want a coach (or two, three or more), however, they are actually going fast. This is truly heartening.

Can I just say that RMWeb has enabled the rather unique disposal of a couple of real gentlemen's collections recently. This is obviously a rather sad operation, but at the same time a wonderful way to allow loads of folk to enjoy something that was lovingly owned by true modellers.

Phil R

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Having overcome the 'inability' to copy, update and return Spreadsheets I shall refer future interest to 96701 unless asked to do otherwise.

Thanks again for all your interest.

Many thanks, Phil R. 

Many thanks to the other Phil.


Please contact me via email at philban2003(at)yahoo.co.uk. It is much easier for me to respond with photographs etc than via pm.


Many thanks,

Phil Bancroft. (From up the road).

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We now have the following coaches remaining: -

COMET Code Type                                               Diag No                       Running No       Rake       Position   Cost

E1                     Corridor First                                 Thompson D332         E1099E                5                   2        £90

E1                     Corridor First                                 Thompson D332         E11175E              5                   5        £90

M44                  Corridor Brake third                      D1968                          M26885M             8                  1      £100

M19                  Corridor Composite-All door        D1694                          M3800M               8                   3     £120

M50                  Corridor Composite – Porthole   D2159                           M24640M             9                  4       £85

M46                 Corridor Brake Third – Porthole   D2161               M26368M / M26296M    9                  5       £85

M25                 Brake third non-gangwayed         D1735                         M20506M             13                 1       £80

M57                 Third non-gangwayed                   D1906/2124               M12174M             13                 2       £80

M14                 Composite non-gangwayed         D1701                         M16293M             13                 3       £80

M58                 Brake third non-gangwayed         D1964                         M20959M             13                 4       £80

W51                 BC 57' FE                                        E147                           W6824W               14                4     £100

W34                 Full Brake                                        Hawksworth K45       W222W             Parcels            2       £80

B10                  Full Brake                                        D711                           M80536             Parcels            6       £80

M10                 Full Brake Steel                               D1715                        M30204M          Parcels            8       £70

M10                 Full Brake-Steel                               D1715                        M30247M          Sleeper           1       £70

M1                    Sleeper First                                    D1705                        M312M              Sleeper            2    £160

B10                   Full Brake                                        D711                           M80725                                              £80


The coaches are either maroon, crimson or crimson / cream.


If anybody is interested, please email me at philban2003(at)yahoo.co.uk and I'll email photos.

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