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  1. Hello, Some more progress. I have heavily weathered the Hornby 4F as I was not really feeling the weathering it came with- see what you think? Also I have made big progress ballasting and have decided to move the provender shed to the main yard. Here it will become a hazardous chemical/explosive store shed. It didn't have enough clearance in the main goods yard, and I probably just going to put a crane in the goods yard at Hopeguard or construct a custom made goods shed. I have found a problem with the scalescene's method of construction- water makes the ink run nasty! So I am going to have to varnish all these buildings and the platforms! I have been adding grass cover to areas around the layout and its starting to get there! I've also done a fiddle yard view showing where the locos and trains are stored 'off scene'. Some more goodies are coming from Hattons this week! Enjoy! Dan
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  2. Another go on a Lima PGA taking out the unwanted bulkhead you can see the browny purple that the wagon started life as where i have cut the plastic away. a little bit of grey paint to cover and when this is dry i will re-weather i have also painted the axle box covers yellow on all my PGA wagons
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  3. Well as ever I am way behind on where I want to be with my model making, so the Midland Railway D924 Cattle wagon (100 built 1893) has been half built since Christmas but as ever I have been short of time to design the brass etch fret. Well after reading various posts on the Silhouette Cameos I made this my birthday request from my better half, eBay came up with the goods and this weekend I have had time to play. Well all is good and I can export almost the same line work that I would develop the etch work from to the cutter to test everything. So after a few hours adding 1/32 rivets I now have a completed wagon body waiting for the rest the running gear adding, One challenge left I have never liked painting and yet a cattle van will need painting and weathering to make it look right... so its time to go search the pages of RMweb.
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  4. My latest attempt at a Ratio 4-Wheeler. I'm not sure I can persevere with the lining.
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  5. So I've finally got around to updating my blog, I'm slowly getting there. I debated about the size of board I was going to mount the shed to, and decided to keep it small so it could be adapted to the future layout easily. I wanted the office interior to be detailed and spent a fair bit of time doing so. I was pleased with some of the results, and less so with others but soon realised that none of it can be seen once the roof is on! A glimpse of the inside: A general view of the main office: I printed some 1950's posters and notice boards. Note the Leeds United FA Cup poster in the corridor just visible from the outside (oh if only they knew what the future would hold!), and the British Railway posters hung up with a human hair. I think I had started to go crazy at this point! Each room is lit with a 3mm LED in the ceiling and there is also a red LED behind the fireplace. I will get some illuminated photos for the next blog. I decided not to use the Wills drain pipes and went for copper tube with wire wrapped around twice and soldered for brackets. I think this was the correct choice. I also made a chimney for the office and cut a section out of the roof to mount it. After looking at various images (the book 'Great Northern Engine Sheds' has been very useful) I wanted to recreate a brick shed floor with a slight camber. For this I used some 3mm foam board and rolled the edges. I then glued some slaters brick sheet to it and attached it between the inspection pits. It is very rough as I'm going to coat it in dirt and hide a lot of it: As the forecourt area is fairly short I cut down lengths of PECO code 75 track and removed the sleepers from about half of the lengths and threaded it into the inspection pit chairs. I painted the rail sides with a mix of humbrol 'leather' and matt black. I want to make the whole area look bedded in ash and dirt so have just started to build up the area between the rails with mounting card, and have just started experimenting in coating the surface in DAS clay: I have stippled (is that a word?!) the surface with a stiff brush and will decide on which texture looks best when it dries. I am really unsure about how to make the main shed roof. I have plenty of Wills slate sheet (which I have used on the office roof) but don't want an obvious join down the middle of the building. I think i'll try laying my own slates with some quality drawing paper (as per the excellent Sandside's Bacup) but wish I'd done this on the office roof aghh! I wonder if I could get away with overlaying paper slates onto the existing roof? Or perhaps it might not look as bad as I am imagining after weathering, please advise!! Anyways, enough for now, thanks for reading!
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  6. In a rather 'round about way I made two discoveries yesterday - one potentially more interesting than the other! Well - my little one spent he day Bell Boating with her school (why they are called 'Bell Boats', I have no idea as appeared to be two canoes roped together). All of this entailed delivering, and picking her up from the nearby town of Droitwich. Running concurrently with this I had a problem of how to couple my skips together. I had always intended to run all seven as a rake with just chopper couplings at each end. A little research showed that the Slaters 16mm version had three link chains so that was good enough for me! Now where to get some chain. I did consider using the links from three link couplings but that would have meant buying six sets and that was not a pleasant option. My thinking then went laterally and I ended up with model boats and anchor chain which then skipped to a local model boat supplier. I had come across this a little while ago on the wonderful Internet while searching for some interesting wood but never went there. So, I picked up one very muddy but happy small child and headed of to what can only be described as NOT a high street location! When I rang to ask if they did welcome visitors they said it was hard to find and they were not wrong! It was well worth it though. After eventually finding our way in, we had a very warm welcome and very quickly shown a great selection of chains in a vast array of parts bins containing all manor of wonders. But, the best thing was they were making much of it there themselves. We were shown around a busy little factory with injection moulding machines, white metal centrifuges and the biggest laser cutter I have ever seen. They are mostly mail order hence the far from shop front approach but they are building a new show room which we were shown. It was an absolute breath of fresh air to see a little company obviously doing very well indeed, taking the trouble to show people around without asking (even though there was [an interested - and muddy!], small person involved), and actually making things! I came away with enough chain to last me for ever with an apology for it being expensive at a mere £4 - a fraction of what it would have cost otherwise. I know the vast majority of what they do is not train orientated but they have a great range of tools and who knows, you might need so chain for couplings sometime..... http://www.jotika-ltd.com/Pages/1024768/index.htm Anyway, what I have actually done with the chain is not worthy of a photo at this time of night but I now do have a full set of skip chassis. How long did that take? Absolutely (and I would like to put something stronger!), ages! I cannot believe how long it took to solder the bodies together, fit bearings, and then get all the wheels to turn! I have managed it but the result will have to wait until tomorrow. Oh - the second discovery? Do you remember the Astonish floor polish I have have been using very effectively for sticking down ballast? Well, it is actually very good for use on floors as well!
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