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  1. Just stumbled on this. Excellent modelling. A Col. Stephens light railway, what's not to like? I might have missed it but is your station building a kit or scratchbuilt?
  2. I hadn't even noticed that those blue squares hardly appeared on the real thing. Just been looking at loads of photos....none have the blue squares.
  3. At least you have some track on a board! I've been changing my mind weekly for the past couple of years it seems.
  4. Hi Norman, I ran it on a temporary length of track on the worktop immediately after taking it off the rollers. (No layout as yet) so 3 yards of flexi. It whirred back and forth very nicely. Seems ok to me.
  5. Just wondering if we have any progress on the G?
  6. Finally opened mine earlier this evening. Everything was fine except that one seat had come adrift in transit, so will re glue when I add a couple of passengers. Popped it up on the rollers and took a moment..... will it sound like an electric pencil sharpener or will it be smooth? Phew! smooth as silk. Very relieved to be fair, having read some of the earlier posts regarding poor running. I went for a DCC fitted and have to say for the money it's fantastic value. Tested all the lighting functions while it was trundling away happily on the rollers, looks superb all lit up.
  7. Opening my Blue 121 tomorrow. Fingers crossed it runs ok.... Quick question re. OHLE sign in the secondman's window. On the real thing was it a sticker or a plastic plate, inside or outside the glass?
  8. Hi Steve, That's perfect, I'll have a count up of what I need (I have some other diesels that could use worksplates etc) and stick an order in. Gene.
  9. Hello Steve, On another tack, do you produce 7mm Hymek numbers? Gene.
  10. Hi Dave, Thanks for that. Exactly what I was looking for. Will get in touch with him. Gene.
  11. I have a Dapol 7mm Terrier in Stroudley's 'Improved Engine Green'. It is currently named 'Thames'. I would like to give it a new identity. Not having a lot of luck finding transfers/decals to do the job. Anyone know of a supplier of said decals? Gene.
  12. Heljan will probably beat Dapol to the punch at this rate.
  13. I like the sky backscene. Did you paint it yourself or is it a photoprint kinda thing?
  14. MP or equivalent over there I suppose....I'm not really up to speed on Dutch politics.
  15. It's been a while.... The cabinet in question is now wall mounted, and currently serves as a simple display case for various items of rolling stock. The old saying ' You can't see the wood for the trees' has never rung so true. I have just been seeing it as a cabinet that hangs on the wall. It took a recent couple of articles in Model Rail for me to see that I've been looking at it all the wrong way. Build a layout that you can remove from the cabinet to operate, then replace when done. It will look like a Google Earth picture when in there. Stored vertically. Just need to decide on rural or urban.
  16. Same here. Not really that worried if an underslung cylinder or box is slightly out of position. A grubby blue one will look fine in a mid 70's mixed rake parcels train.
  17. May I ask what you have used on the underframes? The colour looks spot on, especially on the meat wagon.
  18. Funnily enough it was the 121 that I wanted from the outset. Strange how things turn out sometimes
  19. I cut them into strips alright....just too many it would appear!
  20. Thanks for the link Snitzl, judging by the length of your tiles I was supposed to leave the plain strip above the embossed strip. Oh well, we live and learn. Time to order a few more sheets and start again....
  21. I've recently been building an LCut signalbox in 7mm. Which has gone together really well. I will be superdetailing it... (natch). Anyway, I've built the roof but feel that it looks a little 'flat'. So I purchased a sheet of plastic roof tiles. The aim being to add a more realistic look to the roof. Can anyone enlighten me as to why every other row on the sheet is plain?
  22. Just found this layout. Swanley is my local station and I have to say you have captured it very well indeed. The buildings are excellent, the footbridge especially so. Will you be modelling the trees on the embankments opposite platforms 1 and 4?
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