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  1. 1 hour ago, ikks said:

    Absolutely brilliant, I saw Bellerophon 45694 of Holbeck on the northbound train at Derby in Dec'58/Jan'59. It crossed with the southbound Palatine, which was headed by 70004 that day. We were there to see my great aunt Mary off to her home near London, she gave me half-a-crown which rapidly turned into my first ABC. Sorry to ramble on but the superb quality of your modelling really does bring it all back:good:.


    Which would have been unusual at the time. The northbound Devonian was a Barrow Road (82E) turn and the southbound a Holbeck (55A) job.

  2. You've just stirred memories for me,Ray. Those Graham Farish coaches...bought for me,together with what passed in the late forties for a Black 5 and some track with controller from Bud Morgan's wonderful model shop in the Castle Arcade in Cardiff. None of it would stay on the track and the coaches were in a peculiar brick red livery.They were all an unmitigated disaster from start to finish.The end came at Christmas 1950,when Santaa finally supplied Hornby Dublo Sir Nigel Gresley,two tinplate Gresley coaches,track and controller,station,tunnel ,pointwork and level crossing.All in the big blue box with Binns Road cherub on the lid.

     Thank you,Ray. Have a wonderful Christmas.

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