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  1. I think you can ignore what sales any of those would contribute. Argos currently has one set in the Playtrains range available, Modelzone has been online only since 2020 I believe has 10 train sets whilst The Entertainer offers 7 sets. John Lewis has about 5 sets. That's far removed from the Modelzone of old and the days of the 'Franchise' shops. I remember buying Hornby coaches from The Entertainer when the new generation of more detailed models arrived.
  2. Last weekend's show was well out of my area so I wasn't there but was so impressed by my first visit to Wakefield that I went again during the second week. None of us manages to get everything 100% for the whole time. There will always by a few faults on layouts at shows, at recent ones I have seen a few running problems due to lack of running for the past two years. Sometimes I think that the overall impression will make small errors almost disappear from sight. I remember commenting on something Simon had done probably about three years ago. It didn't look quite right on a close up photo but when I purposely looked for it on the layout it took me a few minutes to find it because it blended in perfectly with its surroundings, I've seen many of the errors people comment on during my long career on the railway, like tail lamps missing, tail lamp in the middle of a train when somebody forgot to take it off during attaching, wrong headcodes, badly loaded wagons. It would be a pity not to see HLJ on the road again but I can understand if that is the decision in the cold light of day given transport and venue costs let alone the physical and mental strain. I well remember the toll managing major engineering works took on me including one particular job where I got home on Monday lunchtime, sat in a chair and immediately fell asleep, not waking until Tuesday morning. I just hope that the 'Dark Side' of the layout continues to develop and I get to see it again in the future.
  3. Derailing at a particular spot when everything else ran OK was the first symptom of mazak rot on both my T9 and 9F.
  4. You can get self adhesive glossy photo paper labels.
  5. There have been issues reported to at least R3445 Camelford.
  6. If there isn't a problem with the track have you checked the loco isn't distorted through Mazak rot? I haven't heard of that on a B1 as yet but several locos of the same era have fallen victim to this with the chassis block twisting or the bogie going out of shape or cracking.
  7. One I remember having which doesn't appear on the list as far as I can see was the old Trix Western. I had D1001 built from one of their self assembly kits where the underframe completely disintegrated.
  8. For a bit of retro fun with No.2 grandson my 1958 Christmas present came out to celebrate its 63rd birthday last December. My Hornby Dublo 2-6-4T will still haul 14 Dublo coaches with stub axles round an oval with 15" radius curves on a 6' 6" x 3' table.
  9. My SiL has just taken delivery of an electric car which was ordered last July with an estimated October delivery
  10. The bridge and platforms were rebuilt for the electrification of the low level line
  11. Does anyone know how long the APCM wagons lasted on the Greaves traffic? The last photo I have seen is 1953, which is a few years too early for me although I probably have enough stock to backdate that far for a running session.
  12. Hi Andy, I'm looking at getting a 1600 and was wondering what the current situation as to mods is. Are the ones at Kernow all updated? I am a DC no feedback dinosaur at the moment, not intending to chip about 80 locos. Eric
  13. First digital camera I used at work held 8 photos on a floppy disk.
  14. I'm a bit in the same mode. So far I went to Liverpool, a very early restarter, and Leeds last year. They were not that busy at the time I was there, possibly because I planned it that way. This year I went to Doncaster which was busy when I arrived but eased off as time went on. Last week I was at Macclesfield. I was a bit shall I, shan't I but as I already had to drive to Longsight and Stockport for other reasons I continued to the show as I wanted some supplies from Squires who were attending. I missed out on one I was intending to go to as I didn't want to drive and the train service was so bad that weekend that it just wasn't viable to use it. Generally the layout standard has been very good although some were having technical problems after two years off the road, along with a bit of rustiness from some of the operators. Some of the smaller traders don't seem to have come back yet, although I think some are fully occupied by having developed their mail order presence. It must be attractive to those who operate in a small way to not have to spend on stands, accommodation and transport. I have about six potential visits pencilled in for the rest of the year, but it will remain to be seen what clashes with other activities and whether I am motivated to go by what layouts and traders are on offer.
  15. Performance seems to be good tonight, taking some getting used to as for the last month of the old server I could go to the coffee machine and get a brew whilst waiting for the next page to come up. Re-appeared as quickly as it went off, must have got notification that the DD had actually worked. All of the one of mine that have come back so far have been in one month blocks, for example in 2020 all images are missing except for those posted in May and December. Hopefully some more will gradually reappear, and I have only put up about 50 items since the most recent that are showing now which is the ones uploaded in May 2021.
  16. The msingle line stretch between Gibbet Hill, Coventry and Kenilworth Junction was extended in 1972 to cover Coventry to Milverton with a passing loop at Kenilworth Junction. After the closure of Kenilworth Junction to Berkswell in 1969 the line had very little traffic. The singling and resignalling was paid for by the Kenilworth Bypass road scheme as it reduced the cost of the bridge and earthworks required dramatically. Some redoubling took place to Gibbet Hill when Coventry PSB was replaced but the remainder is as done in 1972 with a few signalling tweaks I added c1979 to improve performance.
  17. My gold membership seems to have dropped off but I am assuming that is something unrelated as the payment was due today. It has been made by the bank and is showing as paid on WOR Plus.
  18. When we first started office backups they were on tape. There were two sets of incremental updates done on separate tapes on alternate days and stored in different locations. That way even with a major problem we never lost more than a few hours of work.
  19. Thanks for all your hard work. Pity about the pictures as some very useful stuff has disappeared, although looking at my attachments it seems to be random. Personally I have never trusted cloud computing and anything of mine regarded as important or of potential future use is saved twice away from any of my computers. I appreciate that isn't always possible with something of the scale of Rmweb but some very salutary lessons were learned in the early days of office computing.
  20. I've been experimenting with these on some push pull stock and they seem very good so far. I have put the screw on type on my old Ivatt tank and the clip socket type on Airfix bogies. 2nd radius in my fiddle yard seems no problem and I think with a bit of trial and error I can get down to the buffers almost touching using the shorter types.
  21. The coach is in BR post-1956 livery. It is not surprising that Bachmann have not done any in LMS livery as Porthole coaches were not built until 1949-50. Only the first batch of D2159 CKs to lot 1499 carried LMS Maroon with the double lining at the top but without the LMS branding. The number was in early BR style to the left end. (Source David Jenkinson and BR works photo). Jenkinson notes that all remaining lots of Portholes were outshopped in Crimson / Cream 1949 livery. I don't know if any actually got the experimental liveries nefore the adoption of Crimson / Cream.
  22. IIRC the only inter regional trains at Ilfracombe were the regular tones from Taunton, one of which returned to Cardiff on summer Saturdays, and about five or six coaches which came in on the Wolverhampton - Minehead / Ilfracombe service on summer Saturdays. The stock for that came off the Wolvewrhampton Cannock Road circuits and stayed at Ilfracombe for the week. Stock was variable, I remember Stanier coaches appearing and one year the Minehead portion used to throw up a rake of Gresleys, still complete with 1930s style LNER carpet in the first class compartments and all of the original pictures, mirrors, light fittings etc. It was like an Agatha Christie time capsule and had probably been cascaded of the Eastern Region after being displaced by new Mk1 stock The regular Taunton trains could throw up a variety of stock from almost anywhere by 1960
  23. 39-451 LMS 57FT PORTHOLE COACH CORRIDOR SECOND BR MAROON is possibly the one.
  24. Big man, big ____ Little man, all ____ Add your own choice of word to fit any situatiin.
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