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  1. I have 81 random Railway Modeller magazines to give away, as one lot and I'm wondering if anyone is interested? Those free CDs/supplements that came with some magazines are not included. They are between July 2009 and December 2021. I'm based in Portishead, North Somerset (just outside Bristol), where you'll collect the magazines from, or I am happy to meet you at M5 Gordano Motorway Service (junction 19) to hand over the magazines. Otherwise they will end up at a recycling centre if there are no interests.
  2. Oh I recognise the clips of the Kensington Addison Road layout - I think you stood right next to me, filming away. I had some glimpses on your mobile phone as you filmed those scenes. Even as I walked towards the station part of the layout you did the same, hence how I recognised how the clips were filmed. Sounds like you had a good day!
  3. I suspect you'll be recycling those tracks you've removed, but if you wasn't, it would have been amazing to see how it looks if you took out the rails leaving the sleepers behind to give the impression of disused lines for photos before removing them completely.
  4. Is the condition of the field bad for parking? Last thing I want to do is to turn up at the exhibition with muddy feet etc
  5. Upstairs hall? They have exhibits upstairs too? Last time I went, it was on all one floor.
  6. Oh thank you Paul, that does make sense and it helps! Thank you, I appreciate you making an effort to draw a diagram! Now I can make a start with it (once I get a DIN plug and socket). Thanks again!
  7. Hello. Thank you for your prompt reply. I kinda of understand what you've advised, but I am confused with how wiring works cos I think I'm missing something, so just to check; The four wires from the controller will be wired into the DIN plug. Then, from the DIN socket, the wires are connected to the PCB; black & red wires to DC OUT terminals, and the blue & yellow wires to the AC OUT terminals? My question is wiring from the PCB terminals to the point motors & tracks. Is it a case of adding another wires for DC OUT terminals to the tracks and for AC OUT to the point motors, as I would do with my current combi controller? Or, looking at the PCB itself, am I meant to solder the wires from the DIN socket to the PCB terminals from underneath, and then use the output terminals to connect to the tracks/point motors? If I got it wrong, then I'm definitely confused. It's a shame the walkabout controller doesn't come fully ready with a transformer, etc, to make life easer! Thanks
  8. Hello! I have a new Gaugemaster walkabout controller (GMC-W) & wall mounted transformer (GMC-WM1) but I am confused on how to connect them together as well as to the new layout. I have recently completed wiring etc on my new 009 layout and I am currently using a Gaugemaster GMC-Combi single track controller to run the locomotives and to operate the point motors, with no issues at all. However, this controller is on a temporary basis as it has been my intent to use a walkabout controller on a permanent basis because my new layout is 3 metres long. It is simple and straightforward to connect the Combi controller to the layout and make it work, but I am slightly confused with how to set up the walkabout controller and the use of the wall mounted transformer, and I'm hoping you can help. The instructions that came with the controller and the transformer doesn't really help as they just created more confusion for me cos there's no diagrams to follow. So, the walkabout controller has a cable with 4 wires; red, black, yellow and blue and they're to be wired into a DIN plug & socket. That, I understand. Am I right in thinking the black and red wires are to be connected to the tracks, directly, via the socket? This leaves me with the blue and yellow wires - are they for the point motors? And where do the transformer comes in? I can see there there are input and output sockets (a total of 4) but how do I set it up? Not only this, but how do I attach it to the layout cos there doesn't seem to be any holes to screw it to the underneath of the board especially as I will need to be able to plug in the power cable. I would appreciate any diagrams of the set up to give me an understanding how to connect it all together, to which I will be very grateful for! Any advice will also be appreciated on how to set them up. Thanks! (P.S I will do a topic elsewhere in the forum on my new layout in due course for those interested in 009).
  9. I bought the Welsh Highland Railway book on Monday :) Such a bargain for a book that is in a very good condition!
  10. The conversation about copyrights, can you please kindly take this somewhere else cos that's not what this forum is about, thanks.
  11. Thank you for this! Useful to see a photo of what was done to give me an idea.
  12. Hello! I hope you'll be able to give me some advice. I am currently building a new 009 layout (DC). The scale of my previous layouts were both OO and O, so the 009 layout is a new project, and slightly smaller than what I'm used to, in terms of the size of the turnouts etc. I'm more experienced with wiring up the turnouts for both OO and O layouts including using Peco's turnout motors & the accessory switches (SPDT), but I'm a bit puzzled about whether I will still have to use the accessory switches for the 009 electrofrog turnouts because they don't seem to have a wire from the frog to connect with the accessory switch in order to manage the polarity of the turnouts. Also on my previous layouts I recalled having to cut two wires under the turnouts, but I can't see this on the 009 turnouts, so how can I use an accessory switch in this case? I tried to find information anywhere about the use of accessory switches for 009 turnouts, but there isn't much information out there and I would appreciate some advice on whether I need to use them to use electrofrog turnouts. Thank you!
  13. It's still advertised in their magazines as one of the locomotives coming soon!
  14. I love that shop! I always see good quality books on railways
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