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    Diesels, electrics and gas turbines on British Railways and before, Coras Iompair Eireann, London Transport Underground, SNCF and Peru Rail in 4mm scale. Industrial narrow gauge especially Bord na Mona in OO9 and TTn3. Not forgetting BMMO aka Midland Red and other local bus companies.

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  1. Is there an rtr one due? Just my luck if there is! Steve
  2. Thanks Mol, that's great. I thought they might be 10.5mm, so I'll get on and order some. Seems quite a difference between new and minimum sizes! Thanks to you too Merfyn, I see that's what you have used and it does look about right. They do look very small in comparison to the 14mm wheels on the Class 304 I'm also building! Steve
  3. Merfyn, thanks for your reply. I thought they might be 10.5mm. I'll get a Tenshodo and some wheels ordered. Thanks again Steve
  4. Thank you, that's very kind of you. My second guess would be 760mm, but they're always going too fast for me to measure!
  5. Thanks for your reply. As it happens, I did come across that document. 2.25m is about 7ft. 5in., so not too far out! Pity it didn't show wheel diameter, but I'm guessing they might be 870mm? Would that sound about right? Steve
  6. Thanks for your reply and the info. I should really get the latest Platform 5 edition! Steve
  7. I'm trying to build a model of TfW's Class 197 dmu. However, trying to find out some details of these units is proving difficult. I'm hoping that some of you on RMWeb might know, or point me in the right direction. The first problem is wheel diameter. They look quite small to me abd I wondered if anyone knew what the wheel diameter is? The bogie wheelbase appears to be 7ft. 6in. If anyone has built one, what did you use? The second main problem is car numbers. I have found lists of unit numbers, but not individual car numbers. With the units I've seen, they seem to have the car numbers at the inner ends and a long number underneath, which I'm guessing is the European number system? The numbers also appear to be a dark grey rather thzn black. Is that correct? I think I have the paint shades right with Goosewing Grey for the main body colour and Traffic Red. Any help gratefully appreciated.
  8. Hi, is the Tenshodo powerful enough for the 2 car Class 197? Did you use just one or one in each car. Does it run okay? Also, what diameter wheels did you use please. Steve
  9. Whilst on the subject of bogies. I have a few dmu projects that are going to need inside frame bogies, such as the recent CAF dmu's like the Class 197 for instance. I have had a look around, but haven't seen anything or missed them. Anyone any ideas if anyone makes them? Steve
  10. Thanks Rex, I have used the MJT bogies quite a few times. I was basically looking for an SMP lookalike, but it seems there may not be one. So it looks like I may have go back to MJT anyway. Thanks for everyones input.
  11. Thanks for your replies Mike and The Johnster. I think maybe I didn't quite explain what I was looking for very clearly. The SPM bogies are basic rigid plastic mouldings with a standard 8'6" wheelbase. There are no moulded details and you attach the sideframes of your choice to them. I have used them in a variety of projects and have attached sideframes such as the BX1 as used on Class 313's and 507's etc. I was looking for a replacement for the SPM bogie as I have a number of MU projects that use the more modern type sideframes. Certainly Replica Railways are very good and they sit under variety of my stock using B1, B4, B5 etc. I'm not aware of the other manufacturer, but will check them out as it sounds useful. So, any ideas on an SPM replacement? Steve
  12. I wonder if anyone can help regarding availability of different coach bogies? I have been using the Southern Pride Models nylon coach bogies for years with good success. They are free running and easily allow a variety of sideframes to be used. However, I think Mr. SPM is running down his business and these bogies haven’t been available for some time. So, the question is, does anyone know of a similar type of coach bogies that I could use instead? I could use MJT, but quite like the rigid SPM type. Thanks in advance.
  13. I too would like some of this stock. Sadly I was unable to get a TSO, so some some of each, or just something to make up a short train would be great!
  14. Thanks for that. Yes, I realise the bus green is Lincoln Green, but I still feel LT's Sentinels were a different shade. I still tend to go with the theory that they were the colour Thomas Hill painted them. Unless someone can come up with definitive proof of course! However, I have one now, rather than repainting one and it does look nice, especially with its match truck DT81.
  15. Well that's a good selection to be getting on with! Is that a Class 505 emu I spotted? They just made it to Corporate Blue livery. Bottom photo looks like C69 or C77 stock? Good luck with those.
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