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  1. I didn't post this when I commented on it before because it's specific the the OG Photon, but this what I understand to be the relationship between layer height, pixel size and print angle. I think I had a write up on this that explained it, and possibly had a formula, but I can't find it. Basically I think this shows that to calculate the angle, you draw vertical lines that correspond to the pixel size, and horizontal lines for the layer height, then draw a diagonal line where the lines intersect, and measure the angle. I haven't done any resin printing for some time, and being a cheapskate I reduced resin use, as well as print time, by printing wagons flat on the build plate, compensating for the elephants foot where I could, and it seemed to work fairly well!
  2. From that frustrating period between the early days, and the later era of convertibles, where almost no information seems to be available. It's a big black hole in the Broad Gauge Society's Data Sheets, covering the period I most want to model! I built a 4mm scale chassis for a B&E 4-4-0ST over 30 year ago, but the body was beyond my abilities at the time. It still is, but 3D printers didn't exist then, so all that now stands in my way is improving my CAD skills!
  3. You could add them in TinkerCAD (online), Blender, or (maybe surprisingly) PrusaSlicer.
  4. If you're interested in it, the apparently otherwise helpful installation video shows the screen being put in upside down! I'm glad I discovered that before fitting mine, which I haven't done yet.
  5. https://chitusystems.com/product/6-08-inch-mono-lcd-upgrade-kit-for-anycubic-photon/
  6. I don't know if it's the answer, but my understanding is that the optimum angle is related to layer height and pixel size. I've got an original Photon (that I haven't used for ages), and someone produced a graph showing the angle for each layer height specifically for it. So if you have a new printer, the angles may need to be different to your old one. But this may not be the answer to your problem, as I'm still learning! I've got the Chitu upgrade kit for my Photon, and am assuming as it will effectively make it a new printer, when I get round to installing it, I'll have to start again working out the best settings.
  7. It seems it's about 6 years since this question was last asked, so maybe things have changed for the better, but I doubt it! Has anyone managed to get Silhouette Studio running, and cutting, in Linux? The computer in my machine room almost got thrown out of the window today after Windows 10 refused to find a Raspberry Pi running Octoprint on my network. I can control every other machine from Linux, so I gave up and installed Linux Mint 21.1 on it! For some reason dual booting with Windows wasn't an option. But now I need to find a way to control my Portrait. I'll probably just use an old laptop that has Windows 7 on it, but I'm running out of space in the room! Alternatively, is there anything currently available for Linux that works well?
  8. I must add trying this to my To-Do list, as I'm after Victorian/Edwardian figures too. Has anyone tried rigging them in Blender to make different poses? I think this should be possible. This is also something I want to try, but am still trying to get my head round starting in Blender!
  9. BG John


    I need to learn to not make light hearted, and slightly exaggerated, comments, when I'm trying to make a serious point, but then I thought this was supposed to be a fairly light hearted topic. I do it because I don't want to explain in public why slightly irritating things like that can have an effect on me. Having to catch a glimpse of it out the corner of my eye when pages are loading, for the next month, doesn't help with the things I'm trying to use railway modelling to cope with.
  10. You're probably right. I think it's what we grew up with, depending on age, and links (or lack of them) to real railways. RMweb seems to be infested with people who use some weird and incomprehensible numbers for what seem to be the diseasals that were around when I was into such things. Why can't they just refer to them with understandable names, like Warships, Westerns, Brush Type 4s etc.? I've already stirred that that one up on the WTF topic in Wheeltappers. If anyone knows a way to block one image in Firefox, without screwing up the rest of the internet, please let me know.
  11. I only got one choice on each question, but needed to tick several boxes on each, so I gave up.
  12. BG John


    Or more likely decide never, ever, to buy BRM.
  13. BG John


    I actually found it really irritating to see a distorted image appear every time a page loaded. Not everyone sees the world in the same way, and little things that don't bother many people, do bother some. Anyway, it's not a problem any more!
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