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  1. Churchward Models (now Phoenix Precision) do an etched brass Swanage signal box: https://www.phoenix-paints.co.uk/products/4mm-products/4-structure-kits-etc/4-structure-kits/4-20218 Here is the O gauge version on Frecclesham to get an idea of how it would look in Southern region era:
  2. Well done Kernow. These look excellent and are a great addition to the Rapido wagons - it really is a great time to be a Brighton modeller. The level of detail looks fantastic, right down to the chains on the brake leavers. If these ever get released in O gauge then my bank balance will be facing major issues.
  3. Bwthyn was one of the standout layouts for me at Bristol. It’s given me some great inspiration for what can be achieved in a small space for my own O gauge layout. I came back to the layout a few times during my visit. The crane and RC lorry is a great touch as well.
  4. Model World Live was last weekend, so even if more manufacturers were desired at Bristol, I imagine it would have been quite difficult to get them after they had just exhibited at the NEC. The ones you list were all at Model World Live (plus Hornby), whereas Rapido was not.
  5. First time attending and thought it was a great show. Some lovely layouts of all shapes, sizes and gauges - many of which to a high standard. The selection of traders was also very good, and - (I’m not sure whether they were a late addition) - but having a manufacturer present (Rapido) was also a bonus. The staff and volunteers were also very warm and welcoming, and provided a very nice atmosphere.
  6. Can anyone clarify when abouts the SR would have started repainting wagons and guards vans after 1923? I’m particularly interested in the SECR six wheel guards vans. These were grey at grouping - when would they have been painted brown and red? Presumably this was to make them matching with the LSWR vans? And when also would wagons have been painted brown and given SR lettering? I guess this isn’t as much the case for LSWR wagons as they were already brown, but would LBSCR/SECR wagons have been repainted fairly swiftly, or did they remain in their respective pre-grouping colours until many years later / scrapping? Thanks.
  7. I will soon embark on building my first O Gauge Slater's Gloucester 5 Plank Open Wagon. The wagon is blank, so I will need to paint and letter it myself - which I'm looking forward to doing in order to produce wagons not readily available - but I have some basic questions first: 1. What is the best method? Is it painting the wagon and then using transfers from one of the main suppliers (Fox, HMRS etc)? Or would it be to hand paint the lettering? If the latter, what is the recommended method for doing this? 2. If the letters are being hand painted, should I do this before assembly, or can it be done easily with the wagon already built? NB: I did have a search of RMWeb for an existing thread on this, but couldn't find anything. Happy to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks in advance.
  8. Apologies - off topic, but will you be taking your E1 and O1 samples to Bristol this week? Looking forward to coming over and having a chat.
  9. On topics such as this I feel a duty to be the Cassandra. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what Labour announce, the railways will remain vastly under-funded and therefore will not become the system that we enthusiasts dream of, nor the land of milk and honey that Labour will promise it to be. Firstly, because they will have numerous other promises which will need money, and secondly, because as we all know, the DfT is actually the Department for Roads, and the Treasury too has a culture of being anti-railways. These dispositions and dogmas will remain engrained within them, regardless of which political party is in power.
  10. Yes ditto, I thought I'd read recently that the Stroudley 4 wheelers didn't carry over into Grouping on the mainland. A quick Google and Roxey Mouldings say that two sets went to IoW while the rest were scrapped by Grouping. See here: https://www.roxeymouldings.co.uk/product/70/4c60-26ft-four-wheel-brake-third/ One of the other Roxey coaches says some also went to Lancing for a while. Looks like I may have to exercise the old Rule 1 then.
  11. I'm new to this thread, but I have some questions as someone who has recently started in O Gauge and is quite keen on these coaches. - I've read that prototypically these coaches were in sets of 8 - 11 coaches. Is that indeed the case for every single coach for the entirety of their lives?....or were some put into smaller sets of 3 or 4 coaches? I only ask because whenever I have seen these on layouts, they're usually in sets of no more than 4 coaches, or is this a case of 'Rule 1' because of space/cost limitations? - What is the story behind the Olive Green ones that are soon to be released? Can anyone shed any light on when and where they were used? And whether they ran in smaller sets as above? Thanks very much.
  12. Any particular glue? Does it depend on whether the surface is plastic or metal?
  13. Iain Dale is technically not the source. He just edits the book and hosts the podcast. The source is the historian Miranda Malins, who specialises in the life of Cromwell and who wrote the chapter on him in the book. As mentioned, I’m personally not a monarchy buff, but by coincidence had recently read the chapter and listened to the podcast, and therefore learnt much about him which I never knew, including the supposed facts I flagged earlier re: his reputation amongst the establishment.
  14. It’s amazing how many political scandals get poured over in such finite detail, leading to various books, articles, TV dramas or passing references in society, yet the scandal of Marples is little known or ever discussed, yet it led to one of the biggest acts of self harm ever committed on this country, yet Beeching always carries the can for it (not completely unjustifiably though).
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