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Oxford Rail 35T clas B tank wagons


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Going back in time to around 5 years ago, Heljan produced the 35T class B oil tank wagon and I managed to pick up four of the livery I wanted. Oxford Rail announced the same model and I was hoping to make up the balance of what I wanted from these.  The complicator was that Oxford were going to produce original and revised suspension on these vehicles. 


I bided my time but don't ever recall these models being produced and retailed.  Did I miss the boat, or were they never released ?

Specifically, I wanted OR76TKB003, but I imagine the Esso liveried one as OR76TKB001 would have been reliveryable for my use, but would have been a popular choice for others. Here's Oxford's offering  https://www.oxforddiecast.co.uk/products/class-b-tank-regent-class-b-revised-suspension-441-or76tkb003


My cynical guess is that Oxford never produced these because Heljan "got in first", but conversely I believe Heljan have only produced one run, apart from a "train pack" of a 33 and Esso 35 tonners.


Welcome any info on these please.    

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I was waiting for these as well , as being a cheapskate they are likely to cost less than the Heljan ones . But I had a feeling they got cancelled and Oxford were no longer doing them 

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The Heljan ones weren't produced in large numbers the same with the Heljan dogfish but at the time they were quite expensive 

So if Oxford aren't doing them you would think they would do some reruns 

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