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Madder Valley


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From http://www.pendonmus...m/news/soon.php - operating times for Madder Valley


Saturday November 13th 1400 - 1730

Saturday March 5th 1400 - 1730

Friday April 22nd 1100 - 1730

Sunday June 19th 1100 - 1730

Sunday September 11th 1100 - 1730

Saturday November 12th 1400 - 1730


So is this one more for 2010 and five for 2011

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The Madder Valley is operating on Saturday November 12th at 14.00 hrs at the Pendon Museum.



I went to Pendon yesterday for the first time not knowing that the Madder Valley was operating. They did have a quite a few problems trying to get things running smoothly but if I ever reach that age then I suspect that I might derail occasionally! The Dartmoor scene also had a few operational problems & I felt sorry for the guys there trying to entertain the public & keep things running.


However I came home completely blown away by the quality of the modelling (as was Mrs GB & it takes a hell of a lot to impress her with anything to do with railways!)


I suspect that the great majority of people on here have visited Pendon but if any newcomers to the hobby (like me) haven't, then I can only suggest that it's well worth a visit.





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