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And now for something completly different. This is also a first for me, having never built a diesel. I have painted one or two but that is it.


The instructions say it will build the 13000 series, but needs work to make the airbraked etc. For me thats not a problem as I have BR green paint but would have to get other colours in.

It is a GE Models, Acorn kit, drawn by Jim Haris well the chassis has his name on it. The etch do not look to bad, I have found one fault while punching out the rivets, the half etched dots on the battery boxes have been etched the wrong side. Need to think about that one.


I recently bought the wheels on that certain auction site, and was lucky as they are the newer ones with the square ended axles. The kit I have had for a few years, bought on a whim from that site too. All in all it has not cost me too much.


I am hoping that the bonnet unit is not going to be as troublesome as the cladding on the west country class as they are a similar shape.


Here is what I have to work with. I will see how good it is as we go along.










I started by pressing out all the rivets. Then I looked into the compensation. I will do side beams on the leading and central axles, and hang the motor on the rear. But this will all be in the next post.

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Looking forward to see this one develop; you can't be a good Gronk!

Will be interesting. But where does the dome and safety valves go!!!

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Will be interesting. But where does the dome and safety valves go!!!

I'm sure it will become apparent as the build progress!!!

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