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Here is my way of adding the little details of saftey chains on doors, brake gaurds etc. Not sure when or when I found out about doing them this way. It is not my idea but for me it works.


I start by making the loop that would hold the pin in place. These can be made any size, I just pick a drill that makes a loop slightly bigger than the pin it goes over. You will also see my source of copper.




Next job is to wind the tails together, the tighter the twist the smaller the links look.




Next up is to flatten the tail and make what looks like links. I have a nice pair of smooth plyers for this.



Next we have how it looks when finished. I then just bend it to shape.




Here is how I fit them. Locate the loop over the pin a little dab of solder cream and a touch with the RSU. The other end is trimmed and soldered in the way to a convenient point. Here's one I did earlier.




Right I really am off on holiday now, flight is a 10 in the morning. Happy modelling.

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Hi Pete, what a great tip. It looks very convincing. I must try this in 4mm. Thans for sharing.

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I'll add a me too to that. I've been looking for suitable chain in 4mm and was starting to look at things that I could make it from, thanks for sharing.



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  • RMweb Gold

Really effective, I think you'll be seeing a lot more projects with added chain detail on RMweb from now on! Have a great holiday



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Excellent idea, Pete. I've just tried it and it looks like the key is to get an even twist along the length. The real surprise is the way the open loops appear when the twist is flattened. Enjoy your holiday!



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