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It has been a while since the last post. Things have progressed but I have had trouble with mail going to and from the UK so decided not to send anything until The parcels sent were received and some I was due arrived. This means I have missed selling this for Christmas. So progress is slow due to loss of interest. All this also means other projects are delayed through lack of parts.


Back yo the gronk. The painting is done the transfers are on. Everything sealed with satin varnish. For a tin box on wheels I think it looks quite good. As you can seethe body is only resting on the footplate, honest it does fit together better.








Reassembly has been a nightmare. Things were close before the paint, but afterwards nothing wanted to move. So each wheel, crank, crankpin, coupling rod etc. was fitted, refitted and fitted again before it condesended to move. I just need to detail the cab interior a little then the two halves can become a whole.



As you can see I have got the pickups to rub on the tops of the wheels withsuch a lovely large space at the top there is no chance of shorts on the body. I like to do them this way on tank locos too, if I can. It is easier than feeding them through the brakes snd sand pipes.




I have done a little more since the photos but I will post that on the next post hopefully the gronk wil be completed.

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Lovely bit of work. The split between body and footplate is exactly how today's Hornby model is made up.


What will you do for glazing?

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Hi Ivan

Thanks. I have some 0.5mm clear plasticard type stuff it works quite well. It is actually in now just a few bits to do now.

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It might be "a tin box on wheels" but it has a very purposeful look and I agree with you that it looks quite very good!



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It might be "a tin box on wheels" but it has a very purposeful look and I agree with you that it looks quite very good!



Hi Mike

glad you like it. It has been fun to do a pleasent brake from steam locos.

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Type of paint?

The BR green is Precision and the black is Humbrol or Revell, finished in Precision satin varnish.

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