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Callow Lane - operating session

Captain Kernow


Martin & Michelle McDermott (Mr & Mrs Pugsley) came for a visit yesterday, and whilst the ladies were keenly plotting some new cake recipes for the Taunton Members Day, Martin & I slipped into the next room and had a bit of a play around on Callow Lane. I'd earlier put all the buildings and other structures up on the layout; here are a few photos I took afterwards. In deference to Martin's preference for diesels, I kept the kettles in their boxes ;)





































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Having joined this exceptional site in recent months, I am encouraged by modellers like your good self to raise the bar just that bit higher each time.

I have time on my hands to produce a layout ( working on initial thoughts currently) and keep getting sidetracked by articles like yours!

Each time I give a cursory glance at the site I find myself discovering new and wonderous things, could it be I'm back in the sweet shop wearing my shorts and several shillings to spend ?

Now, to my trained eyes and background I have always tried to keep everything in harmony, meaning the use of one'ish material for all.

You have led me up the path of brick papers and by judicious use of these with other materials I find myself ignoring my own rules and wanting to throw myself into the waters of mixing and matching, to which you sir have made an excellent example, thank you.

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Apart from the great modelling I like how natural an un-contrived it all seems, which is actually pretty hard to achieve on a layout, I find. And that Taffson Evans building is just so d*mn nice!

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Might that be the same Taffson Evans & Jenkins that built the Churchwater locos...?


Hi - yes, the very same. It was often thought that they only had the one factory 'up the Rhondda', but in fact there was another site in south Gloucestershire, at Callow Lane, in fact, although by the date of the layout, their loco building days were just about at an end, and they were on the point of re-structuring and becoming 'Taffson Evans engineering', and branching out into the production of washing machines and other 'white goods'. Eventually they would down-size again, re-locate and get taken over by a large American conglomerate. They were last known to be situated on an industrial estate on the outskirts of Peterborough, trading as 'Pretentia' and making cardboard 'office removals solutions'...

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