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Slow Progress




Oil lamps are continuing to prove awkward!


Following an appeal for help from the forums, I have established that the small circular fittings, adjacent to the lamp tops, are plugs to fill the apertures left when the lamps are removed for trimming and filling, rather than oil fillers, as I had originally thought.


I've now drilled the roof of my U29 model, to take the lamp tops and have another small problem to solve! Since the roof slopes down from the sides of the clerestory, the lamps need small plinths to make them level. If anyone has a suggestion for a simple way to achieve this, I shall be pleased to hear from them!



GWR dia.U29 with sloping lamps


Following a suggestion from Mikkel, I have bought a set of Victorian figures by Andrew Stadden and think they are very nice castings indeed. I'm still waiting for some new paint brushes to arrive and then will attempt to provide some fine Victorian fashions for the girls!



Victorian figures by Andrew Stadden


i can see Sir John and Lady Wilcote on the right and young Blanche looks to be planning some sort of mischief, as usual, while elder sister Amy (with her parasol) looks on with disapproval. I'm not sure who all the other figures are yet, but we might have a glimpse of young Charles, as well as various retainers.



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Those lamp tops really add to the character. For the plinths, maybe some slices of plastic rod filed at the appropriate angle?


The figures are nice, aren't they. And now they have names too! I believe there may be a third set of railway staff underway, if the selling is good. That would be very useful, although the second set includes a couple of figures that could also be used as staff.  

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Lamp bases: IKB made them as white metal castings so they may still be available from the BGS. However, every supplier of cast lamp tops has a different idea of how big they were, so they might not suit another make. I'd go with Mikkel's suggestion, but tubing might be easier if the lamps have a mounting spigot underneath...



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Thank you for the suggestions.


Looks like I'm going to be filing and cutting a lot of plastic rod!   I've been trying to think of a quick 'n' easy 'Cheat' method but no luck, so far :)



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The Broad Gauge Society produce a lamp top wedge part no. FO46 (IKB 4205) in whitemetal which may? do the job. If you wish to pm me I could discuss this further if it helps.

Have a gander at the BGS website, click on Modelling tab, 4mm and click through the pages, 9 for this one. Or, join the society and join us for a real blast from the past!


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Thank you bgman.


I've looked at the BGS website and noted that they do lamp bases.  I've got too many 'pending' tasks at the moment but may choose this 'solution' 


I do have one BG model - an old K's Milestones kit of a Gooch single - and dream of providing it with some track .... one day!



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