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Struggling to get things done, yesterday was an odd day as the courts where SWMBO works had a new president sworn in. which meant I did not get much time at the house, and then today I had to collect her early as she is poorly, sick and not well.



I did manage to get the frames back together with the cylinders and the front end. I will now solder all the necessary joints properly now. I am pleased how this has worked out. I have also remade but not fitted the cover between the front frames and the front of the smokebox saddle. It looks like I will be remaking the rest of the saddle too, as the sizes of the parts will be bigger.


I tested the front footplate to see if the cylinders where in the right place vertically, I am happy that it looks about right to my eyes. Now I will be able to attach the slide bars and motion bracket with out to much worry.


You will see from the overhead shot, the lining up marks on the footplate and see how much I have widened the frames in front of the cylinders. Although this is a pain, I think it will make the overall appearance much better. With the slide bars, wheels etc in the way it is not that easy to see the step.






I also managed to start lining up the axle bushes. I have put the front ones into the holes as you would for a solid chassis except not soldered, The pivot arms are also in place. With some 3/16" rod in them I soldered in the centre pivot in place, now I will set up the other two axles now I know the front one is square and in the right place. Once they are done I can then enlarge the frame holes at the front so the compensation will work properly. Hopefully this will be tomorrows job after the supermarket run.




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