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I actually had a good morning at the bench today.


The frames now actually stand on their own two feet. Well six wheels really. I needed to do a bit of fitting to get the bushes to fit the coupling rods. First job was to solder a pin into the hinge on the coupling rods. The compensation works well. I also quite like the way I did like the way the front drivers pivot worked out, may well do it again it saves on expensive horn guides and blocks. From the photos you will see the arrangement I have used for the compensation beams etc. You will notice I have made the rear compensation beams into the dummy firebox bottom, I will add the ash pan to them later.







I now have started on the slide bars, crossheads etc. I want to get these and the valve gear fitted and running before I get with too many of the other details on the frames.


One crosshead and slide bar fitted together ready for fitting to the cylinders, the other partly done.



The motion brackets and valve supports and slides ready for fettling. The kit has etched motion bracket, but I had this one in stock and it looks better than the etched one





Hopefully some more progress soon.

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