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The Wall - v1



In the last update I talked about a scenic identity, and mentioned the common use of flint in Sussex for building and construction.


I'm off this week, and whilst I planned to spend a lot of time on the layout real life has somewhat got in the way, although having said that it has been a lovely few days so far with another couple to go.


One thing I've long wanted to make a start on is the retaining wall, as it will be a clearly visible feature, and it needs to go in first before I can start on the goods shed/bank siding. As mentioned previously I've been playing around with a few ideas of how to produce the flint, but today hit a snag. I had wanted to use Wills Cobblestone Walling, but a visit to the model shop saw them out of stock. They did though have some of the Cobblestones, so I've decided to try it and see. I also picked up, for the princely sum of 90p, a sheet of 1.5mm ply, which is suitably flexible to put the slight curve that is required in easily.


After getting home, I cracked on and have 'finished' the wall, although it is not painted and still requires some filling. In all honesty, I'm not sure - the cobblestone has produced flint which is a little large, but equally, I'd like to get it painted and then reassess.


See what you think - I've cropped the image, and it is a little, but only a little, bigger than actual size. This will sit approx 10" from the baseboard edge.;




As always, comments are encouraged! - its a shame Wills don't do N Gauge/2mm Cobblestones, as I suspect they would be perfect...

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Interesting wall design. We don't have that sort of thing here so I looked it up in Google and found photos of the same design. Very appealing. I thought the cobbles might be too round for flint, but again there seems to be lots of examples looking pretty much like this.

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Thanks for the comments. I have now painted the 'yard side' wall and I'm leaving it for a few days to see if it grows on me. It has been suggested that I try a slurry of polyfilla and PVA to reduce the depth of the cobbles, which is something I may well try.


Typically, after being unable to get the cobblestone walling that I originally wanted on Tuesday, I called into another shop on Thursday and got some! - I think it will certainly be more useful for building the houses, and may yet replace the existing wall.

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