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Its worked up from a weight diagram in Russell that shows a short one, but as you know that means very little. I suppose I should do a photograph hunt. I've heard folk say of modelmakers that its as easy to make things correct as wrong.  I wish! One of the reasons I call my sketches sketches even though they are to scale and incorporate as many dimensions as are readily available to me is that it implies no guarantees that I have everything correct.



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o.k. , I know we are in 2022 , but I have no interest in dcc ,  most  of my stuff is 30 plus years old ,  i don't count rivets , and I love the fact that most XO4  motors will see out my lifetime  , .

personally I was dead chuffed with how this came out  ,   a broken Triang Jinty , a cheap Airfix Prairie kit  and a set of plates from Narrow Planet   , total cost including postage  was around £10 .     cheers , Roger

96 built nmn (1).jpg

96 built nmn (2).jpg

96 built nmn (3).jpg

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Its got a nice feel to it. I've been mulling over using an old Triang 2721 chassis for something on the same lines Its a pity Triang chose a prototype with such a long wheelbase.  I'm not entirely sure about the caption though!

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