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GWR No 1490



Built in 1898 this odd experimental locomotive is arguably significant only as having the first set of pannier tanks. It had outside frames and an unconventional firebox, wider than it was long and  initially featuring water tubes inside the firebox. Apparently it was unsuccessful in its designed role as a passenger engine and was relegated to shunting duties before being sold off. Initially it went to the Ebbw Vale Steel and Iron Co, then to the Brecon & Merthyr at a time when they were particularly in need of locomotives and finally to a Northumberland colliery, who scrapped it in 1929.


The sketch is better founded than some, in spite of it being based only on a weight diagram, because there are some excellent photographs available.  Its difficult to imagine it as an industrial shunter, but maybe the colliery got it very cheap! 


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She had been the pilot at Bath for a while, so presumably her shunting credentials were deemed acceptable by the time she was sold off.


Is there a kit available?

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You'd never get away with that as a freelance model. I like it though, it would be an interesting challenge to see how close one could get using only modified existing parts off RTR stock. Not that I'm doing it!


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