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GWR Nos. 28 & 50-53



More very early locomotives. These ones were designed and built by Robert Stephenson's.  Like No 25 et al these were built for the Shrewsbury and Birmingham, and the one with an out of sequence number had been sold to the Shrewsbury and Chester. A raised firebox and a dome rather than the gothic firebox of the Longridge engines, but similarities seemed very marked as I came to draw them. The very early days of steam traction seems to have been a very small world based round Northumbria. I was struck by how very like the Longridge and Stephenson's 0-6-0s were, and doing a little research found that Longridge's son did an apprenticeship with Stephensons, so there would seem to have been friendly relations. Armstrong and Gooch were both Northumbrians very closely associated with these people and others like Timothy Hackworth.





Apparently a conversion to saddle tanks was considered but never implemented. They too were withdrawn about the same sort of time, 1869-1877. Livery on these early locomotives is very much a matter of guesswork, so don't place any reliance whatsoever of the difference in livery between the two sketches, which is simply down to whimsy!


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