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Barry Railway F Class



The F class was very similar to the A class except for the saddle tank. The F class is one of the trickier ones to sketch out, because there were several different batches from builders, and variations between the batches, front overhang for example, definitely existed. There are two styles of foot plate valance too.  The first five at least had a straight valance, the remainder curved as drawn. 




This second sketch shows a lightly swindonised version of the F class, still with the Barry boiler and bunker, but GWR safety valves and cover and several other standard Swindon fittings.




Edited by JimC
Now in colour. Added the GWR version of the saddle tank.

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This is the full on Swindon version of the F class, with the Barry boiler replaced by a Standard 9, and of course pannier tanks. This sketch is based on GWR diagram B60, and its interesting that the inside frame profile on that drawing is different from the other GWR and Barry diagrams. Its difficult to work out this kind of detail in photographs where the frames are in shadows, but I have a suspicion this style of frame may be associated with at least some of the later lots. I do need to say that although I've given the sketch a cabside number of 780, I do not actually know which style of frames 780 was fitted with.



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