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Just a quick update as I am hopefully I am of to Sao Paulo shortly. Do you ever get those days modelling when you hope they never end as all goes so well. That was today. I assembled the wheels onto the chassis and the whole shooting match rolled with no problems. Just have to fix a torsion bar for to hold the motor away from the cab and the pickup on the leading wheel the other two will be wipers on the treads hidden by the tanks.




Then I thought I ought to do the footplate to check things I remade the buffer beams as the buffer mountings were the wrong shape. One thing leads to another and I started the cab, and just look what happened. Again my thoughts are with painting so I am trying to keep the body separate from the footplate and smoke box.







Just checking the cab roof it looked a little small, I think itis called tight.

Well if all goes well and I get to Sao Paulo, I have found a steam railway to visit. Also hopefully there will be a meeting with a compressor too.

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I think I will have to photograph all the bits I make, the enlargements let you see what a mess you have made and what solder needs cleaning up.


I also think this is more like building a large oo loco than an o gauge one. It feels about half the size of the 1076.

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Hi Peter,

Did you make the copper ring behind the smokebox or was it part of the kit? I have an ACE J52 and never noticed anything similar when I have examined the contents.

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I made it and the back plate of the smokebox. On the A1 there is a round edge to the back of the smokebox, and it also helps to locate the boiler saves trying to screw it together. It is just a piece of copper wire from 1mm cable. I am hoping it will look right when painted. When I get back I will post a photo of the 2 bits together.

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