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So what comes next (2)



Well here is the choice narrowed down to two thanks to the input from here. They have not taken to nine months storage very well, both have a lot of tarnishing. The atmospher here in North Brazil really attacks the brass. Even when working on a model if left for a couple of days the brass tarnishes, you just can't keep it looking nice and shiny as you can in the UK.


The Well tank I think will be mine, it was bought as a started kit, with the intension of selling on. But as it cost me so little and I have always like them, I thought I would keep it, it is also ideal for the smaller layout. I have a strange feeling in the back of my head that the origins of the Shedmaster kits was the old 4mm Jedenco ones. This is probably why it is a bit tricky to do. As you can see the chassis needs it cylinders. I have got L Griffins slide bars and crosheads, I will fabricate the cylinders the one I have are turned brass and I am not happy with them. I also have a few other bits from L Griffin. It looks like the body is at the detailing stage except the cab I need to do something about the cab splashers they do not reach the cab front.




The Ivatt was bought as an unfinished project. This is an ACME kit, ex College Kits. I have found these quite good for their age. I have a GWR Mogul in the cupboard to do. The Ivatt I think would of been really nice to do from the begining. The chassis was built, I have been adding and removing bits to get it to work and look correct Mainly the front end, which looking at again today I think I am going to take off agian and make it detatchable with the cylinders. The body was also partly built. The cab has been removed and rebuilt, but the rest is pretty well as I got it, except I removed most of the whitemetal castings that had been added with superglue.The tender body was almost complete, but there was nothing under the footplate,and a few bits and joints were tidied up mostly on the roof.




But first No 735 will be clean and primed tomorrow. It was going to be today but we went to a breakfast presentation where my mother in law was presented with a plaque for her time as president of the state's court system.So there has been no time modelling today.

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Interesting your point about tarnishing, these look like they have been waiting a dozen years for some action, not realising where you live - Northern Brazil ! I still find it amazing the power of the internet that links people all over the world with similar interests. The well tank looks a bit nose-down, can that be corrected? The Ivatt needs some form of compensation? Although lots of people tell me that 7mm rigid chassis are OK, I find that they are the only ones that give me problems, particularly with my outdoor layout.

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Hi Matthew.

I agree, it is so easy now to see and chat with people about what they are doing, you sometimes for get that some are thousands of miles away.

I had noticed the well tank is a bit down in the mouth, it is compensated on the front two axles so it shouldbe a breeze to get it sitting up right.

The Ivatt I have just cleaned and started to look at. I am not sure what to do with any of it. I have a feeling if I canget the drive onto the rear axle I may well compensate the front two drivers. The pony is sprung anyway.

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By all means keep the loco bright and clean while you need to solder, and a good scrub to remove all grease and acid deposits before painting is necessary, but tarnish doesn't affect the paint keying to the metal, in fact some painters I know allow the metal to tarnish before painting as they believe it keys better!


Good luck with the Ivatt. I believe the College 4MT was the root cause of baldness among several modellers, and that there are several workshop walls with the remains of 4MTs still buried in the plaster, having impacted at great velocity...


Certainly some of the Shedmaster wagon kits were ex-Jidenco, so the well tank could be too.

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I scratch built an Ivatt 4MT in 4mm thirty years ago, was hard to motor as there were none of the lovely gearboxes about. The 2MT I am doing does not look to badnot one for a beginer though. I have a GWR mogul that I have done a little on from College, and it has been a real treat to build so far. Iam OK anyway I have no hair left to lose.


I just want to get it clean for building. Here it gets so annoying that the brass won't stay clean from one session to another. Mind you it is rainy season here so there is 80 to 90% humidity at the moment.

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