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So what comes next.



So with LSWR 735 coming to the end of its build, I have to decide what to do next.


My wife has got me a compressor for my birthday, just got to wait for it to arrive from North America. should be at the end of the month. When it comes I will get on with the painting of Buffalo, and 735, plus what ever else is completed.


I have a choice, of a LMS Ivatt 2mt that is three quarters done, this is a kit that was bought abused and needed some TLC. Then there is a LMS 3031 with a round top boiler. This is an older etched kit, but it looks like a good build. Or it could to finish of a half finished Beattie Well tank. the last would be sheer indulgence as it is is for me.


I have also a few ABS wagons too. Which I think will add in to the build roster. These are definatly for me. The beginings of my Layout. But this only comes with the new house.


So I now have three or four days to decide, and a weekend to finish the house drawings. We need to geton with it.

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I'd look at finishing off the Ivatt and the Beattie, it would be a shame to start something new when there's half finished kits knocking about.



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Very true paul. The Ivatt was stopped while I waited for some bits from Laurie Griffin, I have these now. The Beattie is for me and of course gets put to one side for other things. Or was it I was too lazy to think about the cylinders?

I think I need to take them out of the store cupboard and make an enlightened choice when I can see where I had got to with them.

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I'm with Paul. You'll thank us for it later :-) :-)


(but anything with a round-topped boiler is always appealing!)

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I am with you on the round top fireboxes. Must get tham out and look to see what needs what doing.

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