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'Special'- unique photo



As I mentioned in the previous post, I have been trying to track down a photo of the prototype of Sir John's special train.


Today, I have found one but unfortunately, the morning of April 1st 1892 was notable for the famous London 'pea-soup' fog.


Despite the photographer's best efforts he has been unable to capture much detail of the train. He has, however, used sepia toning very effectively to enhance the subject :)



Train in London Smog - 1st April '92

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Pleased you have enjoyed this. I thought of it while travelling to London in the fog this morning!  The scene is quite realistic :)

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It can't be 1892, as the rivets are the wrong type and in the wrong position for that era. Furthermore, the livery is the wrong shade of brown for that era.


All said in good fun

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Thanks for pointing that out, 69843 - obvious when one thinks about it.  As you say, the date must be wrong - it's an awful problem with these old photos  :)

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I'm late to this - but it looks exactly the same outside my window this morning! 


I think I can faintly see Sir John's top hat in there somewhere.

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