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Bristol Barrow Road - Roundhouse Ventilation - an update



I have just finished fitting the 22 smoke hoods and chimneys to the roundhouse roof trusses. In order to enable future maintainence I decided I needed a method that allowed easy removal and chose to use two lengths of 0.8mm nickel silver wire to fix and support the piece brass tube used for the chimney section of each unit. These can been seen in the attached photos.


I also needed a suitable height jig to postion each unit at the correct height and orientation in order to mark the position for the support wires. By chance I found that the Ballast Spreader marketed by Greenscenes http://www.green-scene.co.uk/ proved to be ideal. Not only is it the correct height but when inverted I could use the grooves for the rail as a guide for aligning the chimney hoods to each road of the turntable.


The 8 octagonal support columns have been temporarily fitted in order to assist supporting the weight of the roof trusses. These are from Alan Gibson and are cast white metal - originally produced by AG for Bath Green Park Station. They have been modified for Barrow Road with turned bases and a length of 3mm brass rod inserted into the top to slot into the roof girder. This work was kindly carried out for me by Morgan Gilbert - thanks Morgan.


Here are some photos.




















You will note that some of the resin smokehoods are temporarily fixed using masking tape. This will be replaced by nickel silver wire.

Each smokehood will also have handrail knobs - Markits WD variety - fitted to the 4 corners in order to attach 0.6mm wire for additional support.

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And I though making the roof for Bath Green Park was bad!! Took me about three weeks on and off but this is really impressive. BIG pat on the back.

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Evening 'barrowroad', superb craftsmanship. To be honest, I have been worried about the (I thought complex!) roof trusses on the 6 road shed at Hurlford but your effort makes it look simple! I particularly like the idea of the use of handrail knobs. Who knows, you may have inspired me to at least get on with the design? Keep up the good work, I am sure that I am not alone in looking forward to your next blog entry,

Kind regards,


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It's not very often that you can describe a roof as 'beautiful'...but on this occasion the adjective is very well deserved. 

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WOW !!


I hope you don't cover all that beautiful roof trussing with slates :-)  It looks like something that ought to be in the science museum !!!



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Wow, absolutely stunning. I've just learnt from my mother that my grandfather who worked in Barrow road, fell in this pit and was understandly hurt, badly bruising his spleen. It certainly looked deep! Agreed with the comment that a roof would hide this glorious modelling.

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Downendian, thanks for you kind comment. The fall must have been painful for your Grandfather as the drawings I have of the turntable and pit show it had a depth of at least 6ft.

A former employee has told me there was a gap in the perimeter wall of the pit which allowed space for him to crouch into whilst the turntable bridge was rotated so the gap was positioned between the two vertical girders supporting the turntable deck. The object of this..... to enable him to get in between the girders and under the decking to examine the structure!



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