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It has been a while since my last post this being due to a move of house last year and the consequent storage of the layout and stock. Earlier this year I took delivery of a kit of parts to build a new home for the layout.



Over the past few months with the help of friends the shed is now finished and yesterday I moved Barrow Road into it's new home appropriately christened 'The Engine Shed'. The intention is to make the layout a continuous run for the main line complete with a fiddle year down one side of the building.


Here are a few photos taken yesterday showing the layout on it's transport trolleys and then erected inside the shed.











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The "Engine Shed" looks amazing and you must be very pleased with the results. Barrow Road is going to look great in that environment. You have one very jealous admirer. Keep up the great work.

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Fantastic! I'm really very envious of the space you've got & what you've been able to build on it. My suggestions that we need to 'up-size' now I'm retired haven't been met with any enthusiasm by the rest of the household (tho' I suppose the dogs wouldn't mind).



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When can I move in?


Did you put 2 of the 'sheds' together? Looks quite splendid and worth the investment. Can't wait to have a play!



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Mike the 'log cabin' is their 10m x 5m  Severn Grande - delivered as one and a half lorry loads. Mr Yates and myself managed to get it to this finished state in two months! An interesting exercise which I liken to a mix of assembling lego and several pieces of IKEA furniture IKEA.........   One of my sons tells me it is bigger than his flat in London.


I look forward to your visit:)

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It looks bigger than my sons flat in Twickenham! I'll consider that an invite then...Welsh cold tea anyone? :-))



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Looks smart Robin.


Something to look out for is that the timber will be fairly moist given that it sat outside for a while and is bound to have got wet.  For the first 12 months, I would keep some heat in the engineshed by way of a couple of greenhouse heaters.  This will help drying the wood out a bit.


I had a problem in my first year and since I have put these on in the winter (you can get thermostatically controlled heaters) I have not had any further problems - well I did when I left one of the skylights open but that is my fault!

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Hi Mark, 


Thanks for the tip I will certainly bear it in mind. I have just moved in a thermostatically controlled heater - although it is warm enough in there at present without the heater and the building is fully insulated - 25mm floor and roof and 70mm in the walls.


The exterior timber has been treated with two coats of fire retardant, two of wood preservative and two coat of wood paint, whilst the interior has two coats of wood preservative.... thank god for paint rollers!

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Youmake me most envious - but I'm glad I looked having managed 1 visit to Barrow Road the week after it closed.


I'd hoped to find withdrawn engines but they had all been cleared an just 9680 stood outside, wearing its number painted on a piece of card hung from the cab by sizeal string.


I look forward to seeing the layout fully set up.


Regards TONY

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Hi Tony,


I believe 9680 was the last engine inside the shed. Have you seen the photos by Patrick O'Brien.


Other good photos also on his flickr site.




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Glad to see your move went well, I look forward to seeing more of this inspiring model soon.

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