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Bristol Barrow Road - The Shed Foremans's Office



Having spent some time recently converting RTR models to P4 I decided I needed a change so here is a bit of scratchbuilding.

The office for the shed foreman was situated in front of the roundhouse entrance. Looking at the maps and the photographs in my collection, I noticed a discrepancy in size of the shed and realised that around 1949 the length of the building doubled.  This being confirmed by an aerial photograph in my collection.



Using photographs I produced a scale drawing.



Followed by a set of parts made out of plasticard.





Assembly followed.






With added detail. Heater chimney and vent pipe.



Guttering is filed down tube whilst the downpipe uses a pair of Modelu  holderbats.




Some photos on the layout.















The roof is not permanently fixed at present and I am aware some of the photos show a gap between it and the end wall.






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The occupant(s) could spot 'bunkers' coming down the steps from the road bridge and was out of the door like a whippet...….except for the only time I actually went to BR when he must have been in the toilet as I didn't get thrown out for at least half an hour after descent.


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Lovely work, Robin.


May I ask about the origin of the window frames, please?


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5 hours ago, Captain Kernow said:

Lovely work, Robin.


May I ask about the origin of the window frames, please?



Hi Tim, All the window frames are scratch-built - see photo 3 - using clear plasticard sheet and pieces of plasticard strip


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5 hours ago, Killybegs said:

Very nice Robin but why aren't you displaying it in the correct location!:D


Hi John, do you have a different rating plan to the one I have? :D

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5 hours ago, barrowroad said:


Hi John, do you have a different rating plan to the one I have? :D


No, just going a bit dillaly! 

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The low level shots show just how imposing the shed was: a true cathedral of steam. Your model looks like we could walk inside... if only.


How utterly disappointing it must have been to get as far as glimpsing inside the shed, let alone the workshops at the rear, only to be summarily ejected.


Still following this build with much interest, thanks for recreating a place I wish I could have gone to.


As an aside, is the loco on the pic of the real shed, my favourite, 45685?

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The Jubilee in the photo is 45690 Leander - the loco is still here shame about the shed.



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"Barfleur" was the only Barrow Road jubilee I ever saw outside preservation. Yet photos of it seem rare.

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